One of the most powerful ways to market on Facebook is through its group feature. Considering what’s been going on with Facebook’s algorithm for its Facebook pages, it’s a good idea to have your own Facebook group as a backup.

Although Facebook has been cutting back on the organic traffic it sends Facebook pages, it’s still worth it to have a page because you get audience insights from it. Another great benefit of having a page is the fact that you can copy and paste content from that page to Facebook groups.

When people see your content in a group, they not only see the content, but they can also see a “like” button. When they click that “like” button, you get a new Facebook page fan.

The key benefit of having a Facebook group lies in visibility. Facebook has made it clear that they are tweaking their Facebook page to reward actual engagement. Apparently, Facebook groups are not as suppressed as Facebook pages. In terms of visibility, you stand to reach more of your group members than with the page.

The Problem with Facebook Groups

While the visibility for a lot of people is quite good for Facebook groups, it depends on activity. If the individual group member is not all that active in your group, maybe the person isn’t liking or commenting, they’re not going to get as many notifications on their Facebook updates section than somebody who is active.

This is a big drawback. The vast majority of people who would join your own Facebook group are not going to be active. They’re just there to read information. They’re just there to sit back and check out what you have to offer. Here’s how you promote using your own FB group;

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Important Tip

After sharing high quality third party content that you do not share on your page in groups, pay close attention to your page’s audience Insight. Find your most popular piece of content. Look for third party content that is similar to that and see if you get a lot of positive engagement when you share that material. If this pans out, then use content from your site that fits the same themes as the tried and proven popular content on the Facebook groups that you’re in and use those to get page likes.


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