If you want your infographic to go viral, it’s not as simple as creating it and it suddenly becoming popular. You may have to work at it for a few months to get it to take flight online. There are numerous ways that you can give your infographic the most chance to go viral and get the most views.

Go with the Trends – What is popular about your industry right now? What’s leading the headlines? How can you tie that in with an infographic in a timely manner to attract the most attention? If you also add your branding to it, when it goes viral it gets the word out about your business too.

Answer Burning Questions – Your audience is sure to have some questions that they like to ask. Pick one burning question to answer for them in the form of an infographic. You can, in fact, turn most questions into an infographic to share with your audience. If it’s something they really want to know presented in a creative way, they will share it.

Incorporate Useful Data – The main thing is that the data you put into your infographic should be something useful. You want your audience to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or, “Wow, I need to print that out and keep it handy for future reference.” When it’s that useful, it’s going to be shared widely.

Keep It Tight – Try not to get too carried away with too much information on one infographic. Keep it to one important point or one desired result. For example, if you want your audience to buy a specific product, don’t talk about other products; present data about that one product only, using data that describes the benefits to them for buying.

Pay to Market Your Infographics – The fastest way to get eyes on your infographic is to pay to promote it. Most social networks have that opportunity now, and it doesn’t even cost much to promote a post or a tweet. It’s more than worth it to get more eyes on it and start the viral process rolling.

Use Social Media to Spread Your Infographic – Once you’ve published your infographic on your website, you want to also publish it across all your social media networks. When you do that, ask your connections to share it too. If you don’t ask, they may “like” it but not actually share. Make sure it’s published publicly so that when it’s shared everyone can see it.

Use Social Influencers to Spread Your Infographic – If there are some leaders or influencers in your industry that have a huge following, send them your infographic and ask them to promote it. They may have a fee for this, but it can be more than worth it in the long run. And it’s typically an inexpensive way to get the word out so your infographic goes viral.

Name Your Infographic Appropriately – When you create any type of file, consider how you’ll use it. If you’re going to distribute it privately, you can give it a non-descriptive name. But, if you want it to go viral, name it appropriately so that when people search for information online they’ll come up with your infographic based on the keywords in the file.

Creating a Landing Page for Your Infographic – When you create an infographic, it really needs a home. And like most things you promote online, it should reside on your website or a landing page connected to your website. In this way, you can ensure that you get visitors to your site when they look at the infographic after clicking it – which you’ve asked them to do in some way on the infographic.

Infographics won’t go viral without help. You must promote it in every way that you can via paid promotions, advertisements, blog posts, reviews, and influencers. Once you do all of those things, your infographic is more likely to go viral – as long as the information inside is useful, timely, and relevant.


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