There’s another powerful component to the way that Pinterest has been created – your pins can easily go viral!

If people like your pins, they can choose to “re-pin” your content, maximizing exposure and carrying your message throughout countless Pinterest pages.

If you take a closer look at a popular pin page, you can see the number of re-pins that took place for each update. In some cases, a single pin has been re-pinned hundreds of times!

People can also “like” your pin, and the number of likes will appear at the bottom of your Pinterest pages.

Creating images for your Pinterest pages is also extremely easy to do. You don’t have to have fancy graphics, nor do you have to outsource the work to a graphic designer. Quite often, the best pin based images are those that are simple, direct and to the point.

Your image could simply be your product cover, with a direct link to your sales page. Or, for a more effective Pinterest campaign, you could create an image based around a current news headline, capturing attention from a larger audience, with your image leading them to a full article on your site that ties in with the current event.

You want to focus on creative Pinterest campaigns that will reach a broader audience, and capture a browser’s attention quickly.

Most of the images used by successful marketer’s are very simple and clear, while others create more elaborate graphics that include charts, full article content in image-form, and even cartoons that help carry their marketing message.

Just get creative and start pinning every bit of content you can that will help to build awareness of your brand. There is nothing that can’t be pinned with a bit of imagination and creativity!


Quick Start Ideas

  • Post comical or funny images that tie into your niche market, and lead people to a full article on your website.
  • Create Pinterest based contests and giveaway events encouraging other members to repin your pages.
  • Take advantage of visual “stimulators” and create pins that offer colorful images to attract attention. High resolution images from stock photo sites (providing you with a valid license to distribute) work well at capturing attention quickly.
  • Include training based images in your pins. If you are involved in social marketing, you could create a simple graph that illustrates the top social marketing websites based on traffic stats and outreach. If you are involved in the weight loss market, you could create an image that offers the average weight loss.

Maximizing Exposure For Unlimited Free Traffic

Pinterest offers a great way for business owners and even affiliates to connect with potential customers and generate fresh, new leads as well!

Here are just a few ways that you can take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest to maximize your affiliate profits.

Create images around current events and then tie that into an article on your website. Make money from affiliate offers that are somehow connected to the topic. Your content doesn’t have to be about the event, but should lead in with it.

For example, you could create a pin with an image and headline that reads “Apple’s New iPhone Failure” – which directs people to your website that features an article on Apple’s inability to keep up with market demand, and how it’s almost impossible to get your hands on one.

You could follow up with an overview of other mobile phones that are similar to the iPhone, leading visitor’s to distributors through your affiliate link. Think about how much money you can make just by exploiting current news and events!

Features include the ability to collect and display images that you find on the Internet. You can browse boards from other members to discover new items as well as create your very own themed collections.

Pinterest is truly the most visual-oriented social networking site, making it easy to create attractive pin boards that will attract attention from potential customers.

Pinterest will work for your marketing campaign if your business is focused on fashion, photography, travel or design based offers, but with a bit of creativity, you can take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest to promote nearly any other business type.

For example, one company created a “Twitter Cheat Sheet” that was a simple image outlining the different areas of the Twitter community site. This image was pinned thousands of time by new Twitter users and marketer’s. Consider what you could create that would attract visitor’s to your website and create your own visually enhanced marketing campaign with Pinterest.

More Ideas

  • Create image based content around your niche. Consider graphics, spreadsheet images, or infographs.
  • Encourage others to pin your image content by opening up contests and events based around your customer base creating additional images involving your brand (logo, creatives, etc).
  • Tweet out links to your Pinterest collections, pushing traffic from one social media site to another.
  • Sell your products directly! If you add a $ sign to a number in your pin, Pinterest will automatically create a price tag for your pin. You could sell photographs, stock photos, logos, mascots and other creatives.
  • Think about the different image based training tools that you’ve used within your business, and consider how you can use similar images to create popular Pinterest pages. Visual tutorials or illustrations.

The key to success with Pinterest is to be proactive in marketing your pages. Add a “follow me on Pinterest” button or tag to your websites and blogs. Pin other people’s pages rather than just your own content and provide value to existing and new followers by helping them discover new images.

Best of success with creating your very own viral Pinterest campaign!


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