Probably the biggest job you’ll have as a video producer is the editing. It is time-consuming and can be difficult to master due to its complexity. However, with the right tools and tips can get you started on the right foot.

Test and choose the right software first. Test each editing software to see what the best fit is for you. Some software may be easier to learn or match your style better. There are hundreds of paid and free editing tools to choose from.

Top paid editing software

  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Compatible with Windows and Mac, this is considered the best option for Windows 10 users. It is deemed to be expensive but offers the most functions, and you can start with a free trial.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements – Compatible with Windows and Mac, this is one of the most affordable professional options for Windows users. It is a little less complicated then Adobe Premier Pro but delivers excellent features for those who don’t need top of the line.
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X – Only available for Mac OS platforms and easily the most used software among professionals.

Top free editing software

  • Lightworks – Great for Windows, Mac OS X, and even Linux users. The free version offers the most functions as professional-grade editing software. It also has a feature that outputs directly to YouTube.
  • – This free editing software is also available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It offers features that cater to both beginners and advanced users. Blender is known for 3D animations but has many other editing features as well.
  • – This is like iMovie due to its drag-and-drop interface, but is available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. This option is best for those who don’t need many features and like the ease of use.

Depending on your computer or laptop, you may also already have free editing software preloaded to your device; the most popular of the two being Apple iMovie and Windows 10 Video Editor. If you are going to upload videos to YouTube, you could also try their free built-in editor.

Take Time to Learn New Software

After you pick the software, make sure you take the time to learn and truly understand it. Learn every single bit of information you can on it, including hotkeys or short cuts, tools and hot features, and tips and tricks. This will help you speed up your editing, while also allowing you to be a little more creative in your editing style.

Give yourself time to learn before you expect to feel professional and capable with your craft. It will happen, but it takes some time and lots of practice. Learn all the different cut styles the programs come with to avoid any jump cuts or unnatural transitions that can turn viewers away.

Create Templates

Create templates for each of your videos to follow along with. Save information you use in every video on this template, such as an intro and outro, and then leave spaces to insert in information later depending on the topic.

This will save time and prevent you from repeating tasks. Templates will also help speed up the planning process as you already have an idea where you want to lead your viewers each time.

Film More Than Once at Different Angles

You don’t want to wish you had a different shot of something on editing day. Film more than once to get a feel for the scene and make sure you have all the information needed to convey the message. This way, you are not left feeling like you need to schedule another filming day while editing.

Rough Edit First

Put all your shots or main footage together without worrying too much about anything coming together perfectly for the time being. Just make sure you have the bulk of the information in the order you would like it to be. Then take the time to cut everything out that you don’t want. Don’t go frame by frame and then put it together as this may slow down the process and cause more confusion later.

Enhance but Don’t Go Crazy

Add the right music, transitions, and effects, but don’t go crazy and overdo it. Don’t cut too many times too fast or add too many effects, as this can tend to look amateur. Only add a little flair where needed to keep the audience interested or to direct their attention.

Utilizing these tips will free up your schedule, allowing you more time to focus on other vital aspects to video production such as marketing.


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