Creating infographics are fabulous ways to get leads from your website. This is especially true if you get a lot of people to share your infographic and talk about it. The best way to get the information to as many people as possible is to create something that can go viral, but which also links back to your website and includes a call to action right on the infographic to do that.

Announce a New Product or Service – An infographic is a great way to talk about any new product or service that you’ve created. You can make a story board about why you created the new product or service and then what problems the service solves, while also telling them what to do to get it.

Present Amazing Data – When you’ve collected a lot of great data that helps promote what you offer to your audience, putting it into infographic form will solidify your expertise status enough that you’ll be able to get more leads through that data share. It will make people curious enough to click through to your site and check out what else you offer.

Lead Magnet – An infographic can be a lead magnet. You can gather industry data and create an amazing infographic regarding that data, then give it away to your audience to use as well. Make it editable and brandable, and they’ll be sure to sign up for your email list to get it.

Showcase your Products or Services – A great way to showcase your products and/or services is to make an infographic showing the evolution of your products and/or services, in a way that describes the benefits of the solutions you offer in a creative way.

To Tell Your Historical Story – This is a great use for an infographic, which can go right on the about page of your website. It’s a beautiful way to tell the history of your business, how you arrived where you are today, and how that benefits your audience.

To Make Anything Easy – If you want to show people how to do something in a simple way, make an infographic. Did you know that restaurants often have infographics for each of the dishes they make in the kitchen to help everyone remember what goes into the dish and how it should look? You can do the same thing, which will make you well sought out because of your knowledge – thus increasing the leads you capture based on your infographics.

Create an Actionable CTA – One tip to get more leads from infographics is to remember to include a call to action on the infographic. The branding you add, plus your call to action, is going to make all the difference to whether people simply share it or whether they engage with you in some way.

Sell a Product or Service – You can use an infographic to highlight one product or service, showing all the benefits of that one product or service to the viewer. Make it click through to your shopping cart, and you’re in business.

Get Them to Sign Up for Your Newsletter – A good way to increase leads is to offer something of value in return for something of value from your audience. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter or email list to get more fabulous information, such as what’s in the infographic they’re currently looking at.

Promote Your Brand – Any infographic can be used to promote your brand if you add branding to it such as a watermark for your social media, website link, and more. Everything, from the colors to the tone of voice you use for the information you’re imparting, can make a huge difference.

If you want to get leads, the best way to do it is to be consistent in the creation of infographics and then also the promotion of the infographics. If no one knows you created it and you don’t promote it as if it’s one of your best products, it won’t work as well for gathering leads.


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