Even though it probably makes you mad that your mobile phone service provider gives discounts to new customers and forgets about you, the truth is that we all like getting discounts as new customers. It’s one thing that draws us in, and then due to laziness, we often stick with the service even if we’re not that happy with it. It’s human nature.

If you understand human nature, you’ll want to take advantage of this method of building your list because you can do it without adding anything special to your offers.

All you have to do is set up your shopping cart to deliver a message through a pop-up to tell your website visitor to enter their email address to generate a coupon code. Once they utilize the code to get the discount, you can segment them as a customer. And even before they use the code, they’ll be on your list as a lead that you need to develop into a prospect through marketing.

To make discounts work:

  • Make the discount large enough to notice – You’ll want the discount to be enough to make them stand up and take notice of it.
  • Make the discount limited – Don’t let them take the discount forever; give them a limited amount of time to take advantage of the discount or never see it again.
  • Make the discount clear – Be clear about what the discount is, including what they’re going to get for the discount so that there is no misunderstanding. For example, if their card will be charged in 7 days or 30 days, make sure they know it and give them warnings.
  • Deliver the wow – When you get your new customer in through a discounted offer, blow them away with your professionalism and value so that they are sure the full price is too low for your offer.
  • Cross-promote products and services – Once you get them on your list, even if they don’t keep using your product with the discount they signed up for, they are still list members until they unsubscribe. Cross-promote to them based on their behavior.

Using discounts as a list builder is an effective way to utilize the products and services you already offer to create a list builder fast. It’s just a matter of setting up the discount in a way that shows value to the customers you already have, while demonstrating your promise to the newbie too.


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