There are times in everyone’s life when they need to be a motivating factor for someone else. This is a good opportunity for you to build your own courage too. When you speak positively to others, it rubs off on you in many ways. People will want to talk to you more, will seek you out more, and want the best for you because of how you behave.

Let People Talk

If you’re working on inspiring courage in others, it’s important to let other people talk about their fears, hopes, and dreams. When people get to talk about themselves and feel as if you have an interest in them, it automatically boosts their confidence and makes them want to be brave.

Allow People to Be Themselves

Whether it’s a co-worker, a subordinate, or a relative doesn’t even matter; when you let people be who they are without fear of judgment, you open doors for both of you. It’s much easier being yourself when you are not judging others for who they are.

Listen to People

When you let people talk, don’t just stand there or let your attention go elsewhere. Actively listen. When you listen actively, you ask appropriate questions that move the conversation forward, and you don’t challenge what they are saying until they are done.

Acknowledge Their Fear (and Yours)

Everyone is afraid but so many times we tend to hide it, especially from other people. However, if you really want to help someone gain courage, you have to demonstrate it by letting them know about what you are fearful of and how you overcame it.

Be Thoughtful with Your Words

When you speak to someone about anything, it’s important to be very thoughtful, especially if you need to tell them something negative. You never know how your words can affect someone for years to come. You don’t want to be the cause of someone else’s limiting belief. Let this roll over to how you talk to yourself too, and you’ll also gain the benefits of acceptance.

Compliment People

Be very generous with your compliments of people you deal with regularly (or even if you only see them once). The positivity of compliments that are real and honest will again rub off on to you because the more you compliment others, the more others will do the same with you.

Add Humor

No one is perfect, so if you can act with humor when mistakes are made (especially if they’re not catastrophic), it actually will build up the confidence of the person who made a mistake so that they can look at a way to not repeat their mistake. People who can laugh at themselves are also well-liked and sought-after leaders.

Love Deeply

The main thing that builds courage in people is love. Love can make people feel confident, healthy, active, and all the good emotions possible that can propel someone forward in life. If you love people just for being people, it shows.

When you help inspire courage in others, it’s not without benefits to you too. Talking to others in a positive way about how courageous they are, finding ways they can demonstrate their courage, and loving your fellow humans, also helps you step forward in your own courage.


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