“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

– Charles Buxton

Achieving proper time management requires some time and effort. Practicing time management is important in order to become successful with such goals.

Recommended Practice

The following time management practices are usually considered as the finest methods by the ones who use them as well as most suggested by professionals.

Make A “To Do” List Regularly

This is normally the leading suggestion by time management professionals, business leaders as well as other ones who are efficient at managing and using their time. Making and using a list of nice-to-do and needed tasks focuses ideas on the job so that there is nothing essential that becomes neglected. This gives a list-maker the chance to make a plan of their day. Keeping your list always ready should make it simple to complement new items because they check-off and come up completed items. Assessing the tasks that you already checked off may help motivating you in accomplishing the tasks and make the most of the great sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Note Down Your Appointments

Writing down your tasks is considered as another adage of most experts on time management, not just for your “to do” list, yet also your appointment calendar. Writing down appointments on your calendar once they are accomplished may help freeing your mind for some other imaginative things. Furthermore, it may also help in the prevention of neglecting an appointment or meeting in the future. Reviewing the calendar must be a daily practice at the start of every day in order to guarantee that you miss nothing. When checking your appointments, your decision could be created to attend, employ a substitute, or if necessary try rescheduling.

Identify Work Priorities

Another key to enhance time management is to determine the important task to do every day and the tasks that may be put off till another time. The high priority appointment or task will be relevant to a crucial project, which is something that might result to advancement. Low priority items on your to-do-list are the ones which are nice-to-do, yet are not right away needed. Medium priority will be typical team meetings or standard work tasks.

Set Alarms

Those people who find that they are usually late to meeting or neglect other forms of appointments, find that using or setting an alarm on a phone, computer or watch functions pretty well as reminder. You can at least set the alarm around ten minutes advance from the actual schedule of appointment so needed information may be collected and to enable walking to the room of the meeting. When the meeting will not be held in similar building, you can then set out the alarm further to provide time for travel. Some individuals might even have their alarm reset if they are at the meeting for ten minutes prior to the end time of the meeting to guarantee adequate time for appointment wrap up and to still be able to be out right on time.

Break-Up Huge Projects

A lot of people find themselves delaying with starting huge projects, as it looks like it is too difficult to finish or too much to deal with. In order to make even simpler to begin on a significant project, you may break it into a number of subtasks. After which, you may complement various subtasks onto your regular “to do” lists performing backwards from its due date in

sequence tasks must be accomplished. In such a way, every subtask will then become a part of a scheduled work, as the project becomes accomplished on time. Some professionals refer to the simple process of project management known as the “Swiss-Cheese Method” because it includes poking the holes within bigger cheese (project) till all are completely gone (done tasks).

Using these five suggestions mentioned above, you may create your own time management system that is suitable to your individual requirements. Make sure that you keep all these considerations in mind when practicing efficient time management.

Benefits of Time Management

“He who gains time gains everything.”

–Benjamin Disraeli

As everyone knows, effective time management certainly has great benefits, though not many people get to realize about it. Many are still taking time for granted thinking that they have all of it in the world. However, what they do not realize is the fact that managing time efficiently alone already comes with a very significant value.

While it is very important, effective time management also provides a lot of advantages that basically include the following:

You Will Never Overlook Any Important Life Deadline

Life projects and deadlines are the ones keeping your life just on track. So, with efficient time management, these life projects and deadlines should be tackled in no much hassle.

It Gives You Adequate Time To Sleep, Exercise Regularly And Eat Right

Smart management of your time should mean that you have much of the needed time to take care of yourself. The better you are treating your body, the more favorable benefit you get from it. Exerting bit energy into your time management may now mean that you will have greater energy in order to get through your days.

Lesser Stress

Once you get to manage your time properly, you will no longer need to face those worries of hitting your deadlines wrong. You will have enough time to execute your tasks and so lesser stress will be on your way. This only means a happier and more exciting life for you.

Have Some Time For Leisure And Relaxation

Thinking about the things you will need to accomplish will never give you a relaxed and stable mind. However, once you are able to allocate your tasks

and schedules just right, it will be very easy for you to achieve such relaxation.

You’ll Have More Time For Your Loved Ones

With effective time management, you can freely make yourself up with your friends and family. This advantage should be connected with the former one. When you spend time with your loved ones, of course, it is the perfect moment to sit, enjoy and relax without having to think about the schedules and projects that you need to keep track to. This means a happy life for you.

Having said about the advantages of effective time management, you must find yourself interested on employing the information and tips mentioned in this book. So, make sure to know and understand them well.

Reward Yourself for Managing Time!

“One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks.”

– Malcolm S. Forbes

Accomplishing your goals can be very rewarding. Hence, it should be a great idea to reward yourself once you accomplish your time management goals. While it is never easy to deal with such not so simple tasks, make sure to have yourself rewarded with some things great for you.

Savor the Taste of Achievement

There are a number of articles and books that provide tips on time management for an ordinary individual, as efficient time management does not demand costly software or executing lengthy tasks on planning. On its basic extent, it has something to do with awareness of who you are, how you behave and what you do about your behavior.

It could be tedious tasks which are very low priority and hugely unimportant. This will eventually result in losing your valuable time, feeling increased guilt and feeling overwhelmed by the loads of work you should do and the lessening time amount. In order to make you feel ready and cheer up for your tasks, you may consider rewarding yourself after every accomplished task.

Rewarding yourself of something due to an accomplished task can be very motivating. Yes, just like in any types of practice, the use of reward is very beneficial when letting yourself feel motivated towards achieving your desired time management objectives. You may offer yourself some motivation through making a plan of treating yourself once you get to accomplish the agreed loads of work and not as the pre-work reward.

Once you get to learn how to do this well, you should be able to determine the real secrets to improved time management.


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