While video creation is unique to the artist creating it, the artists all follow a plan before they get started. That is because they understand that developing a plan and following that plan is what leads to success.


Create an outline and timeline on when you would like to finish each part of the video. Include your own and your team’s schedule, and the time you will need to edit. Make sure to add extra time where it is reasonable to extend, especially during editing time or filming big scenes. Includes items that need to be purchased, if any, for the video – anything you need to come up with for the video and its content.


A script is a chronological outline of events in the recording that includes characters, dialogue, scenes, and even camera directions. As you read a script, you should be able to envision the video before it is even recorded.


Hit record and following your script. Make sure you get every angle you need and that you ensure that your lighting and audio are good as you go. You don’t want any surprises later during editing.


Now, it is time to put all your filming together and edit. Keep using your script to help guide you to where you want to guide your audience. This will speed up your editing process. Make sure to use the right editing software for your project too.


Once your video is ready to go, it is time to upload it so your viewers can see it. Remember to fill in all the details in the description box so that search engines find you.

Distribution and Marketing

Many believe that uploading is the final stage of video production, but it is not. Now you need to market your video and make sure your viewers know it is there. Making the video and uploading it are only the first steps. If no one knows about your video, how will you become successful?

Planning your video, making the video, editing the video, and eventually uploading and marketing your video to your audience may seem like a lot of work. However, if you set up a consistent schedule and follow your plan, you’ll get a lot more finished than you may realize or think you’re capable of doing.


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