Now you know what content marketing is, why it matters and how other creators are using it to grow their visibility and their trust, all while making more sales.

The next question is what you actually need to do on a day-to-day basis to grow your site and build that trust.

How often do you need to post? Which types of content should you provide? How long is an ideal blog post? That’s what we’ll be examining in this chapter.

Types of Content Marketing

The most popular type of content marketing by far is written. In other words, content marketing here involves writing regular blog posts and articles and then posting them on a blog or website. This provides a base where your viewers can come to enjoy your content and it will allow you to benefit from the SEO that comes from regularly adding content to your website. It also means you can then share your posts on social media in order to build a following that way and to direct even more traffic to your site.

But written content is just one form of content marketing. Other options include:

• Video

• Live video

• Podcast

• Images

• Quizzes/tests/games

• Music

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