Network marketing is a great business strategy, and it also needs tips for good practice just as is the case with every other strategy. The first thing to know is that business is first about people and secondly about money. These two should never interchange position, otherwise you are going to fall big time. Therefore, you cannot recruit people into your network with the mentality that they have now come to make money for you. First try to see them as people before seeing them as money making machines. One favorite quote by Michael Dlouhy is that in network marketing, “people do not join a company; they join other people.” If every person in network marketing has this as their principle, then great success is assured.

Also, most people in network marketing get it wrong when they are mean with information for fear that the person will not join the network or the person will go to a higher rank in the network than them. This is pure nonsense because you benefit from any person in your network rising even above you. People from outside should not join the network because you told them; they should join it because you are a living example to them. Their admiration of you is reason enough for them to join your network.

Excellence is the key principle in network marketing. If you want to get more from network marketing, then be prepared to give more, and you will be sure to get it back in even multiplied and greater portions than it was when you were giving it. Raise your standards by paying for training and purchasing materials that will better your knowledge. Buy books, listen to CDs and tapes, and watch videos. Interact with other people in your field of network marketing, and learn from them as you share your experiences too. Do not only purchase materials for network marketing; buy materials that are motivational, ones about leadership, business, et cetera. Do not sit on your potential while it can be of help to another person; mentor someone.

All that really matters in network marketing is the attitude one has and the mentality one has. Remember, what you do, your down lines will do more. Therefore, any negative step you take will be taken by each of your down lines, making your network start receding. Let the battle be first won in your mind, and it will be won indeed.

The 5 Things Network Marketers Must Focus on

Most network marketers do not know what to do to get the most out of network marketing. Below are some five “commandments” in network marketing that will take your business to another level if followed.

1. Stick to one company

When you join a network marketing company, be sure to stick to it and to keep your focus on it. When you start marketing more than one company at a go, you do not give your best, and you therefore end up failing all the companies you are marketing. This also means that you should not join a company that will take a lot of cash for start up. This is because you will need a lot of money to promote yourself, and you do not want to spend all of it at startup.

2. Know your company

It is quite embarrassing to look at your customer blankly when he/she asks you when your company started or who the CEO is. The fact that you know your company well gives potential customers the confidence in your product.

3. Use the best promotion strategy

The first thing you should NOT even think of doing when marketing is bad mouthing other rival companies. This is the surest way to get you down, and it also paints the wrong image of the company you are marketing. Invest in learning more on network marketing. Learn the old and new strategies which you should apply. It does not make sense to 8nvest much and use the wrong strategy when you can invest little and get much by using the correct strategy.

4. Your down-line

Network marketing cannot be called so if it does not have down-lines. You should therefore invest a lot in giving them adequate training and equipping. Organize for them seminars and workshops where they can learn. Also, give them materials like DVDs, books et cetera. Also, treating your down-lines like babies is a no-no. This makes their natural motivation to lie dormant. Show them the way but do not literary carry them through it.

5. Have positive mentality, focus on winning

You will get many stumbling blocks in network marketing, but do not stop at them; push on towards your goals regardless. Focus on continually adding a member or two to your down-lines without even focusing on those that drop off.

The 3 Foot Rule of Sales in Network Marketing

The three foot rule basically states that marketers are supposed to consider anyone within 3 foots of them (literally) to be possible clients. It was brought about in order to force people to extensively look for clients and recruit more marketers into the business. However, this rule has really brought about a lot of controversy among many business elites. Some claim that the rule is not realistic while others are for it 100%. It all depends on how you take it or use the rule.

Generally, people do not appreciate it when strangers approach and start talking to them persuasively about business opportunities. In fact, some do not take it lightly. They think that you have seen them to be failures that need a job; and this might even end up in a scuffle. If you are the type that will approach people in the streets or fellow passengers in a bus, then you are doing it wrongly. Look for areas that have a lot of business minded individuals. Take for example business seminars; most people attending such are individuals that spire to be entrepreneurs in the future. This is one group that will not mind hearing bout a particular network.

Furthermore, if you analyze the amount of time you will use up talking to everyone you meet then you will be astonished. One thing is for sure, not everyone will accept your proposal. Maybe only 20% will take time to listen to you. Mathematically, you will have wasted about 80% of your day talking to people that do not give a heck about what it is you are talking about. If compared to someone who strategically points out to potential clients, then you will have earned approximately half what he or she has earned on that particular day.

All in all, the three foot rule is not bad. It tends to be bad when used wrongly. In fact, it is a very strategic method of going about your day to day marketing and recruiting spree. Just look for the right people to confront. Do not jump around talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry that you spot on the streets; this will not take you anywhere.

Top Network Marketing Tips

Many have joined the network marketing business in the recent past but only a handful have fully succeeded in it. The rest have either quit or fell off along the way. The main reason for this is poor network marketing tactics that are being used by most of these entrepreneurs. However, this statistics should not crash your dreams of setting up your own network marketing business. There are certain tips that one can follow to succeed in this sector. Here are the main ones.

The first and most important tip is for you to look for a mentor. It is obvious that you have attained some level of formal education when it comes to network marketing. This is a very wise move since you will need this information in the line of your work. However, this is not enough since the class lessons do not portray what you will get on the field. Therefore, it is necessary for you to look for a mentor who will guide you through your baby steps in the industry. All in all, do not look for anybody with some amount of knowledge in network marketing to act as your mentor. Look for an experienced and learned individual to mentor you.

Secondly, be careful when looking for a market to get your clients from. One common mistake that many make is to deal with individuals from their close social groups to act as their target market. This includes their friends, family members and even girlfriend or wife. Sorry to say, but this is the worse decision that any business man can make. Such a target market will be easy to find but in the long run you will get very little returns due to the lack of seriousness in the entire business. In fact, it will be safe to say that such a business can simply be referred to as a family business. The best target market is people looking for a home-based business or network marketers moving from pother companies.

Finally, leadership plays a major role in your network marketing business. Good leadership leads to better profits and vice versa. Obviously, a leader should have natural leadership instincts and should be systematic in all that he or she does. Make sure that you fulfill all these character before joining this sector.


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