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Money Mistakes Millennials Should Avoid

Other than ensuring that you have a budget, using the tools that you can to help you stick to your budget, and saving and investing, there are many mistakes people make with money that you’ll want to avoid. Let’s look at a few and learn how to avoid them or overcome them. Living Paycheck to […]

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Simple Savings and Investing Tips

Outside of the money you must spend to live your life, such as shelter, food, healthcare, and so forth, are all non-mandatory expenses that can be classified as wants. If you make savings a mandatory expense, at least in your mind, you can ensure that you’re saving enough to meet your goals today and in […]

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Money Management for the Millennials

When it comes to learning about money management, millennials are forging their own way for good reasons – the main one being that things are totally different now than they used to be. The fact is, millennials face completely different financial issues than the generations before them. Millennials are defined as the individuals born between […]

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