The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application) that are geared towards new technology, new software systems, new process systems and new marketing tools. They are all focused on winning market share with their new apps. This focus is driven by one main objective which is to make money or to make even more money.

1. What are the Key-Attributes of a Killer App?

The search for a killer app is an on-going process. A killer app is one that is accepted by most as the best in the market at that point of time. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype are some of the killer apps that took off from the beginning they were launched. They all have hundreds of millions of registered users logged on daily. With this kind of captive audience, their websites become marketeers dream domains. That is why their main income is from advertising space on their websites.

The following is a list of attributes that will benefit your app:

Most popular – widely accepted by everyone. Easy to use and configure. They are the chosen app by virtue of design, uniqueness and are usually free to encourage sign-ups.

No fees – sign-up or monthly. This is the only way to generate a user database for any new app. If there is any fee imposed, the failure rate of any new app is more than 99%. Most users can get free stuff on the internet so charging a fee would tantamount to suicide by accident. These apps do not sell any product on their website. Their objective is to accumulate as much registered users as they can. When they have a huge user base, they can then start selling advertising space on their website.

Use of minimum resources – the apps are usually simple and seldom use ‘real-time’ features except for video conferencing. This makes the apps easy to browse through.

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10. Direct Marketing Strategies For Your App Launch

There are numerous ways to launch your app. Some can be costly and some are free. Below you will find several methods using direct marketing to launch your app.

Direct Marketing

Useful ways to direct market:

Use app review sites – These are sites that frequently review new apps in the market. You can submit your app for the editorial staff to review and rate.

Good PR – establishing good public relations with columnists, radio hosts and TV producers. Be an expert in the subject matter.

Promote within other apps – try and advertise in new exciting apps.

Use AddThis – the AddThis button will add traffic and page rank to your app.

Use advertising companies – have advertisements placed in target areas that reflect your own target definition in terms of age, lifestyle, profession etc.

Q & A – Participate in targetted app Q & A sessions. Provide links to learn more about you and your app and give feedback.

Email – use email as direct marketing to friends and associates first. Adhere to spam policies on email marketing.

Pricing strategy – learn from other developers on how they gained top spot by dropping their price for a promotion period.

Walk through presentation – use this type of presentation with screen shots of your app and a description of the features and benefits.

Tell a friend – use this feature in your app to get personal contact details

Twitter – use a Twitter update feature in your app for users to tweet about your app.

Exclusive content – this content about your app is exclusive within your app and not found anywhere else.

Collaborate – find businesses who are not competitors but have similar products.


Getting your app out to the public is extremely important if you wish to turn a profit and be a success. If you wish to do this then it is important that you follow the above steps and tips carefully. You can be a success and you can start to make money with your apps you just need to go about it in the right way. I hope you have learned some useful information and good luck!


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