Post regularly enough and your blog will begin to generate ‘long tail’ keywords and will get traffic from Google. You can help this as well by exchanging guest posts and submitting your links to directories and forums to create a big ‘in-bound links profile’.

In this day and age though and especially for bloggers looking to build a personal brand, social media is going to be your very best tool for promoting your site. This will allow you to directly reach your target demographic, to engage with your audience and to grow your list of fans and followers.

So how do you go about effectively ‘socializing’ that blog?

The Basics

The first rule of social media is ‘be everywhere’. This means you should have an account on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram (which is actually bigger than Twitter!), on LinkedIn… you name it!

And across all these accounts you should have a consistent logo, a consistent brand name and a consistent mission statement and niche. This will help to give people more ways to discover you and it will present more ways to share your content.

Now when you post your blog posts, you should also share them to all these channels. As you gain more visitors, more people will gravitate towards your social media. And as they grow in number, the content you share there will automatically start to perform better.

At the same time, you should also think of sharing your links to social sharing sites – like Reddit and Mix. Also good are Facebook groups. This way you can find specific audiences for your content who will be likely to enjoy your content and to share it and promote it.

In fact, every time you write a new post for your blog you should have a good idea of all the ways you can share it socially. Where will this be the biggest hit? Who precisely are you aiming this post at? Think of your route to market right from the start and you’ll all but guarantee succeed.

Of course you should also add social sharing buttons right into your content. You can do this with a plugin like Shareaholic. This lets your visitors share your content with their contacts if they should enjoy it.

social media

Creating a Community on Your Own Blog

Another smart tip is to try turning your own blog into a community itself.

You can do this with an active comments section (use the plugin in Disqus which has a lot of advanced features and useful advantages) and by just making sure that you always respond to comments and generally encourage conversation. Try to end your posts with an invitation for people to discuss more – or even end them with a question.

And do take the time wherever possible to answer e-mails, messages on LinkedIn etc.

Don’t underestimate the value of a single highly loyal fan!


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