Before I get into content sharing automation, I want to highlight one other important reason why you should re-purpose your content. If your audience members keep seeing that you talk about the same stuff over and over again, chances are, you will lose them.

People want to hear new stuff. People want you to explore other related needs of theirs. They don’t want you to basically keep recycling the same stuff over and over again. Unfortunately, that’s precisely the kind of risk you’re running if you simply focus on giving people more of the same successful stuff.

You know that a particular content theme works. You know it gets a lot of engagement. You know that it draws a lot of clicks. It’s perfectly natural for you to want to keep recycling that same theme. Don’t do it.

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Special Notes for Facebook

When publishing to your Facebook page, don’t hesitate to publish original content that you have published before. Try to avoid publishing only once. Instead, you should sandwich or schedule this re-published successful content in between high quality, curated content.

This way, people get more exposure to your best content. Once they click through, you get yet another chance to recruit them to your mailing list.

Remember, when you share high quality third party content, you’re not getting the traffic. You’re building credibility, but you’re not getting potential list members to your squeeze page. That’s just not happening. When you share your own original content, you get a chance to recruit them to your squeeze page.

Keep this distinction in mind. This is the reason why you should re-publish your most successful content by interspersing it with top rated curated content.


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