At this point, you have turned social media traffic into list members. Congratulate yourself. You’ve managed to do something the vast majority of social media marketers cannot do or, worse yet, don’t even think about doing. It’s quite an accomplishment.

Unfortunately, even at this point, it’s still too easy to drop the ball. In fact, a lot of people who have mailing lists stay with one mailing list. They think that as long as people who visit their blogs sign up to their mailing list, they are good.

Well, at a certain level, they’re correct. A certain percentage of those list members will buy affiliate products that you promote on your list. A certain fraction of your mailing list will buy your original products. Some may even visit your online store and buy merchandise.

But the problem here is that if you accept this scenario, you are settling for cents on the dollar. You really are. Don’t you want to maximize the value of all the hard work, focus and energy you invested in your venture? Wouldn’t you want to maximize your return on effort?

If you want to get maximum results from your mailing list, you have to sell your list differently. There are really no two ways about it. Every other approach would lead to, at best, mediocre results, or, at worst, no results at all. Keep the following tips in mind.

Use Different Content on Your List

When people join your mailing list, chances are, they joined because they got exposed to some of your content. They already know what you talk about. They are already familiar with the quality of your content. They understand the themes that you focus

on. That’s why it doesn’t make any sense for you to feature the same exact content on your list.

Sure, you may make some changes—you might change the title, you might even switch things around—but people aren’t dumb. They can see right through that. They can see that you are recycling content and feeding them stuff that they have probably seen before.

Do you think this kind of practice builds confidence? Do you believe that doing things this way will build trust? Of course, not. You have to use different content.

What kind of content will you have to use? Well, first of all, you already know what your most popular pieces of content are. Start with these.

No, I’m not talking about republishing them. I’m talking about analyzing them and seeing where the gaps are. Are there any questions that are left unanswered? Are there any questions that were raised by the answers that you gave in those popular pieces of content? These should be enough to get your mind going as to the kind of finely tuned, high value content that you’re going to be sharing on your list.

Remember, your updates are the ultimate reward to your list members. Sure, you may have positioned your squeeze page to reward subscribers with a premium, but once they downloaded that premium, they really have no other incentive to keep reading your emails. Do you see how that works?

So do yourself a big favor and make sure that the update content you send is the reward. That’s how you get people to open your emails and read your materials over and over again. Reward them for being on your list.

Don’t drop your guard, don’t take it easy, don’t give in to laziness. This is your time to rise and shine. Everything else that happened before this was just dress rehearsal. This is it. This is where the rubber meets the road. And you better perform.

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