In the previous chapter, I mentioned that you’re going to have to mix in your original content. Now, the question that’s probably at the top of your mind is, “How do I know which content to produce?”

Well, there are two ways to do this; you can try to figure things out on your own and engage in all sorts of experiments, or you can just simply allow your competitors to do your homework for you.

I hope you can see which path is the easiest. It should be obvious. If you are sending the very best content on your niche, your original content must be at the same level or better. Otherwise, your followers are not going to take the bait. They’re not going to trust your brand.

They appreciate the fact that you’re collecting all this information, and they’re probably going to stick around and follow your social media accounts, however, you can’t count on them to do much of anything else. There’s really no incentive for them to join your mailing list.

Why should they? Your content is not that great. They only need to compare the kind of original content you produce with the other top notch third party stuff you’re sharing to see your weakness. Do you see the problem here?

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors

You have to produce top content if you want your brand to be credible. Thankfully, this is easier than you think. Simply reverse engineer your competitors.

Look at their most successful stuff. How do you know? Look at the social media indicators of their content. How many “likes” does their top content get? How many “shares?” Is there any other indicator that shows that this content actually has traction?

Maybe you should pay attention to the number of comments for that content. Maybe you would want to run a backlink checker on a piece of content and see how many other blogs or websites link to that piece of content.

This is how you measure the overall success of any single piece of content so you can use it as a “template,” if you will, for your own content. I’m not saying you should rip it off, instead, I’m encouraging you to use it as a starting point and come up with something so much better.

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