I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve run into social media marketers and they automatically want to know about traffic generation. Forget about niche research, forget about consumer intelligence, don’t worry about setting up the right site to get in front of the right target audience eyeballs.

Let’s just skip straight to the “good stuff.” That’s the kind of mindset that I run into all the time, and that’s why a lot of people struggle in this game.

You have to understand that until and unless you find yourself barking up the right tree, you’re just going to be chasing your tail. I know I’m using a lot of dog analogies, but these are the most appropriate. Most people are simply just chasing their tails and wasting a whole lot of time doing stuff that doesn’t really add to their bottom line.

A lot of these, and I would guess all of them, can be quickly dispensed with if people only did niche targeting ahead of time. In other words, know your audience. Since you have a clear profile of who your target audience is, the next step is to go to these different social media platforms and find them there.

Believe it or not, whatever it is you are promoting, regardless of how esoteric, obscure or weird it may be, there are already people on social media platforms talking about or showing interest in whatever you are promoting, I know, it sounds crazy, it sounds weird, but it’s absolutely true. Your job as a marketer is to find those audiences on these social media platforms.

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