Overcoming Procrastination (4)

Overcoming procrastination is not an easy task. Procrastinators are perhaps tied up with their legendary ability to delay even those simple tasks that they believe they can do. The worst scenario is that procrastinators find themselves worrying and dragging their feet in the end. In order to become successful and high functioning individual, you need to beat procrastination at all cost. This is highly essential to keep your productivity and your life back on track.

Looking on the entire volume of your tasks may just discourage you and lead you to procrastinate, so to eliminate yourself from procrastination and pressure, you need to break up things into smaller steps so that it would not be so much hard for you to accomplish things as scheduled. Breaking up things into smaller steps is actually not just the only way to eliminate procrastination. Other possible ways are as follows:

•Creating a timeline or schedule-create a schedule of tasks that needs to be performed along with respective deadlines.
•Prioritizing projects-prioritize projects and tasks in order of great importance. Keep in mind to keep priorities and deadlines in mind.
•Building extra time-allocate additional time to complete projects and meet deadlines. Saving everything for the last minute will just invite catastrophe and stress.
•Setting specific goals-setting your goals and creating an action plan is an excellent way to beat procrastination.
•Create an appealing and inviting workplace-to avoid procrastinating, you need to create an inviting and peaceful environment. Working in tons of files will just inhibit poor productivity.

The Significance of Breaking up Things into Smaller Steps

In order to accomplish things and reach your goals in easy and realistic manner, you need to break projects into manageable pieces. Allocate time in completing daunting tasks. Breaking up things into smaller steps makes the entire task manageable. There are times that individuals procrastinate because they find their works extremely overwhelming. Break these down into smaller steps and you can focus on one step or part at a given time.

If you find yourself procrastinating even more, then try to break down things further. Soon, you will find your task to be simple and you will find the motivation and eagerness to do things now. The best thing you need to do is to concentrate on immediate part or step, get this thing done to the best of your ability without thinking or worrying about the next one. When the immediate part or step is done, you can now move to the next.

Dwelling on difficulty and size of tasks will just overwhelm you and promote procrastination. Any undertaking, regardless of how challenging it could be, can be split up to smaller tasks or steps. You just have to ignore the big picture first and deal with tasks one step at a time.


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