Overcoming Procrastination (7)

Procrastination basically means a deep problem linked to human nature and this has something to do with time. This habit is characterized by the habit of delaying things and believing that it is useless to do things today if they can still do them tomorrow. Most procrastinators dwelt on this belief and those who have this kind of mentality are now growing in numbers. You can actually beat this habit and the power lies in your hand. There are several stories revealing the success of so many individuals who have overcome the habit and they reward themselves by doing that.

Accomplish Goals and Reward Yourself

Whenever you accomplish things and reach your goal, you have to reward yourself for your effort of getting things done. Many individuals are caught up working continuously and they forget to relax and reward themselves. If you keep on working on long hours, you might also end up exhausted and wear out and this can trigger procrastination, but if you take even a short time break, you end up more energized and productive.

Every time you accomplish things and come up with small milestones, you need to go ahead and give yourself rewards. You do not really have to choose the most expensive reward. Even simple ones as long as these can make you happy. You may reward yourself with the following:

• Enjoy a Movie Night

When you get things successfully done, you can enjoy a movie night with your friends or families. This may not really a big thing but many individuals appreciate this simple thing.

• Enjoy a Bubble Bath

After all your effort and hard work, you can reward yourself with a long and nice bubble bath at the end of the day.

• Buy your Favorite Book and Read

Due to your business and hectic work schedules, you tend to set aside some of your hobbies and one of these is reading. When you finally beat procrastination and have successfully get things done, you can now buy your favorite book as a gift for yourself and enjoy reading.

• Trip to the Salon

You can also reward yourself for a job well done with a pampering beauty treatment from your favorite beauty salon. When you successfully accomplish things and reach your goals, you need a much-deserved trip to a beauty salon and get the chance to rejuvenate yourself. A manicure or pedicure service or facial can make you look and feel better and these significant little changes can actually serve as your great motivators.

• Plan a Vacation

Going out of town or planning a vacation is usually common ways to reward yourself. If your schedule and budget would allow you to, you can give yourself a luxury trip. A promised treat or indulgence at the end of every hectic schedule is a great motivator.

There are lots of things or ideas you can consider to reward yourself. You can buy new clothes; indulge yourself with your favorite music, enjoy a relaxing massage and more. You need to engage in things and activities that are truly rewarding and not those that gives negative impacts or implications. Since you have exerted the needed effort to reach your goals and get things done, you truly deserve a reward.


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