The Only Constant in Life Is Change


Given a chance, would you be ready to change?

In this series of articles, we would like you to venture on change. As you discover the elements of change, you will learn how to become confident in your ability and capability to change. You will acknowledge that communication and cooperation contribute a massive amount to the aspect of change. You will gain the ability to take action by creating movements. You are currently at the bottom of your life-changing mountain. Please take a step forward and climb up. Your life changing experience awaits you.

If we look back at the history of the world in the last several centuries, we will discover the radical and abrupt changes in the knowledge and technology of humanity. A century ago, the Wright brothers were just trying to designing a scale model of their first airplane; yet a century after, men have been able to fly all over the world. These radical changes are so unprecedented in the history of humanity and the world, and we are always left in awe as to where these changes can lead us. It seems that “nothing on earth is impervious to these radical changes.”

In the ancient times, many wise men have seen the impermanence of everything and they came to the conclusion that the only phenomenon which is permanent is change. This idea is definitely true; likewise, it is apparent in the very nature of our existence. Each of us needs to face the fact that change is the only permanent thing in this world, and hence, each of us should be prepared for change. It is therefore wise to believe that change is inevitable and sooner or later each of us will undergo some forms of change. We can never avoid change for sooner or later, it will dawn on us, but we can somewhat delay it.

Change is inevitable

Faced with the prospect of its inevitability, we got no choice but to face the challenge of change. In this book, the concept of change is elaborated and guidelines on how to prepare oneself for the onset of changes are delineated. You have heard how people are reactive to change and remain fixated to their old habits and customs. This reaction is natural considering the law of inertia which says that “everything tends to remain at rest or in a continuous motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” However, this resistance to change should be overcome to achieve something substantial in life for the only way to achieve progress is through change.

There are ways to reduce the resistance to change and one way of reducing this resistance is by preparing the inner self for change. Once the inner resistance to change has been overcome, the external transition would become possible and easy. The internal change, like a paradigm shift, is necessary to achieve external change, because the only true change always comes from within.

Nothing in this world is impervious to change

Impermanence characterizes everything. Even our very own existence is subject to change—whether it is a slow change or a radical change—and thus, whether w e like it or not, we can either embrace the reality of change or try to delay it. The world in which we live is constantly changing and if we let the world to change us, we will always be at the mercy of the outside forces. We got to take the reins and try to own the responsibility of changing ourselves. By changing from within, we can radically change the outside world. Change from within is more substantial and meaningful. Likewise, we can put ourselves in control of our destiny if we will take the initiative to change and improve ourselves from within.

Change dilemma

We are always faced with the dilemma of either changing ourselves or be shaped by the outside forces around us. The former is better than the latter. It is preferable to take the lead in developing ourselves and taking the responsibility for our growth and development. Additionally, there is no better place to start this radical change than to begin it with our mental programs.

Our mental programs are like the software programs which make the computer function. Computer software programs work at the backdrop and they facilitate the functions of the computer. In the same way, our mental programs work at the backdrop of our actions. They condition and tinge our every endeavor. Hence, to improve and change from within, we got to change our negative mental programs and habits. Once we succeed in changing the inner workings of our mind, we can then see some substantial changes in our behaviors. We can then actualize all our potentials. We can push the edges of our limitations, giving us more room for growth and development.

Change from within

If we change from within, we can finally become the ideal person we envision ourselves to be.

Once you have ventured through this self- improvement series, you should be able to gain motivation in order to change. You are able to use the main five C’s to improve the way that you view life; confidence, competence, communications, cooperation and creation.

These five C’s are the five main steps during the process of completing your journey and we hope that the knowledge you would have gained about how change can positively affect your life.

Confidence is for being able to hold your head up high. Even when you feel down in the gutter and when you feel like remaining down. Get up and tell yourself “you can do it” because it is simply true.

Competence is for your capability. You are capable of anything that you set out to accomplish as long as you have level head and a realistic view point.

Use communication to your personal advantage. Allow your close friends and family members to acknowledge your goals in changing. And they will be your supportive system. You can turn to a friend at the roughest of times, right when you feel like you cannot achieve the goal to change. You can proudly encourage your friends and family members to succeed in the change they pursue too.

Cooperation is the way that you contribute to a group or to just another person. You show that you care by just listening. Everyone wants to know that what he or she is saying is being heard.

Finally, creation is the step to actually do it. One action and one change coming right up!


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