Your audience is hungry for your information. They believe you when you say something is true. They look to you for the insider information and think of you as a leader in your niche. Because of this, quizzes make excellent lead magnets.

You can set up a lead magnet quiz in a couple of ways:  

  • Online quizzes and games
  • Downloadable worksheets and workbooks

As long as you ask for an email address before they access the quiz or game designed for learning, it’s going to be an effective lead magnet. Target their pain, match it to your expertise and go from there.

Online Quiz

For an online quiz, you can set it up so that it delivers an answer. For example, let’s say your audience member needs to know which level of membership is best for them based on your offer. They can answer several questions and then, based on their answer, you can send them to the right landing page, giving them what they need.

Alternatively, you can set up a workbook or worksheet download that teaches a concept then tests them on the concept old-school style. The online method will likely get more entries than the paper printable download method, but both are still very effective list building ideas.


This tool on is made for creating online quizzes that help you generate more leads, further segment your audience, and even drive traffic if you market your quiz. It’s simple to use and easy to understand. This works great for any business owner who has multiple levels of products to promote to their ideal audience, and helps them choose while you collect email address information and build your list.

For example, if you are a coach and offer group coaching via a membership site, in-person workshops, and individual online and offline coaching, you can set up the quiz to ask leading questions that help you determine which type of coaching they need most for the problem they have right now.

Since you’re designing the quiz, you can make the answers too, thus leading them to whatever you’re trying to promote first – such as your membership group coaching site. But since you are an expert, you can ensure that your customers get led to the right products and services that offer them the most value. It’s a win-win proposition if there ever was one, because it not only establishes you as an expert in their mind but also demonstrates that expertise by pointing them in the right direction.


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