If you want to create a lead magnet eBook to help grow your list, it doesn’t have to take a long time. You really can create an eBook for use as a lead magnet today using these tips. If you come up with an idea while reading, make sure you write it down so that it happens.

Transcribe an Interview or Two

Conduct some interviews with your customers’ success stories and then send them to someone to transcribe for you and turn into a book. You can find people to do it for you inexpensively on Fiverr.com, but you can also do it yourself using software like Amazon Transcribe.  (https://aws.amazon.com/transcribe/?)

Publish a Case Study or Two

Set up automation to send a survey to each of your customers after they’ve been given enough time to use your products and see results. The survey should consist of yes and no questions as well as long-form answers so they can tell their story freely.

Once they finish, you can take the information you receive from that survey and turn it into a publishable case study that you can allow your audience to download free to learn more and grow your list.

Compile Old Blog Posts

This is a fun way to create a book as you go. By setting up categories on your blog, you can set up a system to slowly write and eventually publish a perfect eBook for list building. After you have ten to twenty posts about one topic, you can compile it using automatic software in just a few clicks of a mouse. Add in some transitions, images, and design the document to match your branding, and you’re done.

Transcribe a Webinar

Yes, this is another idea that uses transcription to create an eBook. You talk faster than you write. But you can use technology to help you create an eBook from a webinar you already conducted. Add a few checklists and maybe step-by-step instructions to accomplish a task, and it’ll be a sure-fire winner.

These four ways to put together an ebook as a lead magnet shouldn’t take long. You can use a plugin for your blog if you use self-hosted WordPress called Print My Blog to help you compile individual posts from a category into a simple eBook.


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