What should be displayed as your profile picture?

It is a simple question, yet a lot of things need to be considered when you decide to join a newly online community that you have never heard before. Of course you, not others. Simply because those community has already been there for years but never in your life that such community exist in this world. I am writing about this just for a simple sharing of tip for friends out there as, this consideration may not be applied when you put up your profile picture that would be best represent you on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Recently I have joined a new online community that have just pop up in my search engine. It seems convincing but I really need to be tactful when I first started to enroll into the community program. Even before join in, I have done quick research online, getting some review by others before make up my mind. Eventually I did join but did not put up my profile picture for a while. Later, I decided to pun on a logo representing my interest, but not my picture.

But sooner rather than later, I was so touch with all warm welcome that I have received from the community. I have been to another network, that was purely business network and you know what? So serious! So tense! But I am happy to be part of this newly joined community. Of course we are all talking about business goals  – and yet – thanks God, I am blessed with a whole new friendship there. When I first enrolled to the community, I was not sure if I would be in a scam membership. That’s why i put up a dot-alias logo, something associated with my interest. Later I realized that I was wrong and most people inside there show up their friendly profile pictures. So, finally I decided to change my profile picture with graphic image that almost represent myself. Almost represent simply means, by looking into this picture, you would be able to recognize me if we were to meet face to face on the street!

Why not just put up real picture?

Of course you can. But choosing the digital processing image is one of the method to showcase what kind of person you are. It depend on individual but in my case, I would rather showcase my profile that associated with my hobby; graphic design. Some of you may prefer other apps like FaceApp, Comica, Carbon, etc. just for fun. It does not matter as long as people would still be able to visualize YOU. Do not go over broad by changing your 50 years old face become 10 years old face. That’s too much! For instance, you may be able to view my image profile edited image using ToonMe – that’s what people like to play around using mobile app, right? Anyway, I hope that is good enough as a greeting gesture. For sure, you can always get to know me more by clicking on the links embedded from my signature at the end of this write up. From those link to my personal website, you would be able to access link to my social medias and other engagements.

Now let’s talk about profile picture for social media. Through our my engagement in social medias, I have come across some people put up their profile with image that only known to them. For example old picture when they was a baby! That’s not cool. At least showcase your image 10 years ago, you friend would still recall who you are. Or if you were too shy, showcase your picture when your were in college. Nothing much change, right? Well, perhaps you are more chubby now, or you got your hair loss, whatever – people would still be able to recognize you. Why? Simply by putting the right image, you would be able to follow your friends and vice versa. Do not leave your profile picture blank for years! That’s too bad!

Is it good to put up family picture as profile picture?

It depends on situation. Personally I would prefer showcase only my face, even from the side. But if some of you out there prefer to put up a picture of husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend, or the whole family members, that would be your personal preferences. In my case, I may change my profile picture with family members during festive season or special occasions, but not for a very long period of time. Once the season is over, I would revert back to profile picture that showcase only myself.

How often should we change the profile picture?

Very good question. I would recommend once every 5 years. Really? Yes! Even if you would like to change your newly perfect image, you may not necessarily do so unless you have had a plastic surgery (just kidding okay!) But again, it is up to your preference. There is no right and wrong about bragging your nice shot in social media, so long as you have a good intention, right?

I hope this quick sharing would benefit you readers. Cheers!



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