Procrastination is a practice of delaying things or carrying tasks that are less urgent in preference to more urgent ones. This is also the habit of doing pleasurable things in place of those that are less pleasurable only to find out that they have putted off impending works on later time or even the “last minute’’. Procrastination is the opposite of ideal productivity.

To produce is to pull and work forward to get things done while to procrastinate is to push things forward for tomorrow, next week or probably never.

This habit or practice can fill your life with shame. There are even instances that some individuals are cursing themselves due to their laziness, inability to concentrate on important tasks at hand and the human tendency of being easily laid to more immediate and easier gratifications.

Procrastination sometimes comes with good reasons and that is time procrastinating is a time spent to figure out things and plan for future actions to make.

The positive side of procrastination is that this allows individuals to have enough time to sort out complicates issues and generate ideas. It cannot be denied that there are really inevitable instances that individuals need to embrace the habit of procrastination.

But in them extent that this becomes an alarming habit and starts to pose negative impacts to your life, procrastination must be stopped at all cost.

Knowing the basics of procrastination is not enough. In order for individuals to gain clearer understanding, they need to know the exact
reasons why they procrastinate. Individuals procrastinate due to the following common reasons:

• Lack of motivation
• Lack of interest
• Skill deficits
• Fear of both success and failure
• Stress
• Laziness
• Lack of Discipline
• Lack of skills
• Perfectionism

These are the reasons triggering individuals to procrastinate and definitely yield to negative consequences if not addressed properly.

Other reasons why individuals are lack of idea or knowledge on what really needs to be done, lack of eagerness to do something, not caring if something is done or not, lack of mood or initiative to get things started and many more.

The negative impacts brought by this practice are given so there is no valid reasons to let yourself be trapped within this habit. Good thing is that there are countless ways on how to overcome and beat procrastination.

Individuals just need to exert an effort to adopt these ways and put them into actions.

Aside from learning the basic of procrastination and knowing the reasons why individuals procrastinate, there are still more powerful ways of beating procrastination. Possible and powerful ways include changing your procrastination environment, creating a timeline, getting inspiration, breaking bigger tasks into small and manageable pieces and the list goes on.


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