A good way to encourage your audience to sign up for your email list is to give them something of value in exchange for their email address, and other information you’ve deemed is important for you to have. Here are some ideas for printables that you can give away free to build your list.

  • Checklists – Mentioned previously, a checklist is just a list with checkboxes so steps aren’t missed. For example, you can have a checklist that helps you design a landing page, or a checklist that helps you set up someone’s SEO.
  • Lists – Anything you can put in a list that is useful for your audience to know, from a list of resources, to a list of definitions, to a list of movers and shakers in your niche, are all great ideas.
  • Ultimate guides – If you’ve been blogging about a topic for a length of time, you probably already have enough content to turn it into a guide.
  • Workbooks – If you teach how to do something, it can be translated into a workbook.
  • Worksheets – Want to help someone learn something? Create a worksheet that leads them through the steps.
  • Coloring pages – Who doesn’t need to color something and burn off steam these days?
  • Wall art – If you’re an artist, you can create printable art that costs you nothing for your customer to use for themselves. If you’re a life coach, you can create wall art to help motivate your clients.
  • Journals – Want your audience to keep a journal in a specific way to meet individual goals you’ve all set? Create a unique journal for them to follow.
  • Templates – Mentioned earlier, anytime you’ve already invented the wheel, showing someone else how with a template is valuable and useful.

You can create these printable designed for your ideal audience, but do gate them. That means that you don’t let them have them as a freebie unless visitors provide additional information such as an email address, and first name, or even the size of the business if that is relevant for your needs. As long as it’s something useful for them that they can print and use, it will work.

To create these printable, you can use software that you’re accustomed to like MS Word and turn it into a PDF, or you can use software online like Canva.com to make your printable extra attractive without having to hire a graphic designer, using their premade and editable designs.

Plus, you need an opt-in form. You can use your email autoresponder software to create the opt-in form, or you can use landing page software to do it too.

Once you have that connection, your audience will click the printable that they want, and once they click it, they’ll get a message to enter their email address. When they do, they’ll be taken directly to the page to print.

At the same time, set up the system so that it sends an email to the audience member with a link to the printable in the case they did not get it at that moment. Plus, it helps ensure that your audience is on your list.


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