Choosing your topic is going to be the most important thing that you do when it comes to your webinar. You probably already have an area that you are an expert in, since you are considering the idea of a webinar, but you may not know what specific topic you should choose. In this chapter, we will use some examples of niches, topics and webinars in order to give you the tools that you need to choose the right topic. The subject of the webinar is one of the biggest attractions that attendees say convinced them to go to the webinar.

Step One: Know Your Niche

Okay, so you want to find a topic for your webinar. What is your niche? You probably already know it but if not then think about what it is you do for a living, or what you are most passionate about or what you are most knowledgeable about. This is probably your niche.

For example, Steve is a marketing director at his company and his passion is making money online. So, his occupation combined with his passion means that his niche is internet marketing, a very general term that describes many of the ways to make money online. But it is perfectly okay for your niche to be a very general term. In fact, the more general the better, because that means you have a far wider choice of topics.

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Step Five: Publish Your Expertise & Promote Yourself

Now, you need to publish your bio on the web and start making your name be seen associated with this niche. This isn’t hard to do. For one thing, you can simply outsource a few short books and put your name on the cover, and then publish them online and you can add ‘author of more than X books on niche marketing’ to your bio.

You can also create videos that show off your expertise so that when people are searching for certain things in niche marketing, your YouTube videos come up, showing you as an expert in that field. Of course, there are always opportunities to publish articles on the topic online, and many sites will even allow you to guest post on their blog if you have good content.

Just remember, this isn’t to promote your webinar. We will devote an entire chapter to promotion. This is what you need to do before any promotion even begins. When you start promoting your webinar, people are going to look you up and try to figure out if you know what you are talking about. This online expertise profile will give you the credibility that you need.


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