PLR products provide one fantastic way to start earning money through internet marketing without needing to know anything about business and without needing to be any kind of tech whizz. In fact, you don’t even need to be a business whizz or even to commit much time to it.

This is the perfect business model for the busy business person that will allow you to employ just a modicum of basic sales knowledge in order to earn money indefinitely from a single product.

But that’s only one example. Another example is potentially even easier and that is what is known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways there is to make money online as an internet marketer. In fact, when you say ‘internet marketing’ to some people, they will actually assume that you are talking about affiliate marketing in actual fact.

Affiliate marketing basically means that you are marketing products for a commission. The idea is that you promote a product that someone else created and is selling and by doing so, you can earn a profit. Essentially, you are acting like a door to door salesman, except that you have a door to the entire world.

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Drop Shipping

Don’t want to deal with physically owning the stock? Then how about you look for a drop shipping? Drop shipping is very similar to an affiliate except that you get to claim the product is your own and your audience never comes into contact with the manufacturer.

All you need to do, is to find a company that offers drop shipping services, sell their products for them and then pass the orders on to them. They will handle the creation of the product as well as packaging and fulfilment, so you can earn money without having to worry at all about dealing with customers or actually delivering the items/storing them!

You can find both wholesalers and drop shippers at


Or you could go the complete opposite way by doing freelancing. Set up a business selling a service directly to customers or to other businesses. This is a very straightforward business model that’s easy to set-up online and then to scale depending on whether you want more or fewer customers/clients.

For example, if you are a good writer, then all you need to do is to create a website that promotes your writing skills, post a few adverts in forums and other locations and then wait for the orders to roll in. Of course, this is not a ‘passive’ business model because you need to work for the money. You can’t go to sleep and allow this kind of business to run itself!

But while that is true, you can nevertheless run this sort of business without having to invest a large amount of time or effort. Perhaps you just write a few thousand words a week in order to make a little side income in the evenings? You’ll quickly find recurring clients and that way you won’t even need to advertise!

Likewise, you can find work as a web designer, as a photographer, as a designer or – once you’ve finished reading the rest of this book – even as a marketer!

Other Online Business

And then there’s the option to run any other kind of service business online. How about offering people personal training online for example? Business consultation? Or solicitor?

If you’re only looking to fill a few hours a week, then you won’t do much marketing and as with any good business, you’ll get repeat clients and word of mouth customers. Just set aside a few hours in the week to handle the orders and you can once again enjoy the extra income and sense of satisfaction that comes from running your own business on the web!


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