At this point you should now have a rather steady flow of income with a well-designed blog, a consistent brand and loads of unique content. You know how to share it, how to build fans and how to use some of the best tools to save yourself time.

The rest comes down to luck. So just keep plugging away and eventually you’ll get your break when your link ends up on the right website or gets recommended by the right person. The key is to not give up.

The Next Level – More Blogs.

But once you’ve started to gain traffic and the money starts flowing in, what can you do to scale your business and speed things up?

One option is to take on a new blog project… or maybe two! This way you can increase the amount of ads you’ve published, the amount of content, the amount of products you’re selling… and at the same time you’ll be far more resilient should anything ever happen to your main site (you know what they say about eggs and baskets…).

Choose a niche that is somewhat related to your current one and that way you can benefit from some of the momentum your brand will have obtained at this point. That way, you can promote synergy across your different channels and the success of each blog will help to further the success of each of the others.

Don’t take on more than you can chew though. If taking up a new blog is likely to mean that your current blog doesn’t get the attention it deserves, then you should reconsider.

If you’re like many people, then you’ll likely start out running a blog as a side hustle to bring in some extra income on top of your main job and just for fun. You’ll need to commit as much time to it as possible but if you do, then you’ll eventually be able to quit your job and start living entirely off the blog (though it may be tough at first). This would be a great point at which to take on a new blogging project and to branch out and grow.

What We’ve Learned

So what have we learned throughout these series? Before you go on your way to start blogging, remember some of these key pointers to ensure your success…

  • Choosing your niche carefully is very important. Pick one that is something you’re very passionate about and that is potentially profitable. Avoid overly vague and crowded topics.
  • You will need a blogging platform/CMS. The best choice by far is to go with a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • Choose a logo and a name for your site next. This will help you when choosing your domain and will inform your web design.
  • Web design is easy on WordPress – it’s simply a matter of selecting a theme and potentially tweaking it.
  • Consider font and color palette at this point. This is highly important: small touches make your site look professional which is what will win you the trust of your visitors.
  • Add regular content that is high quality. Increase quantity as much as possible.
  • Research ideas by using news sites, forums in your niche and keyword research tools.
  • But focus on making your articles interesting.
  • Have in mind an audience for each post you make and know where you’re going to share it.
  • Sharing to social media is key – ensure a consistent brand identity across all platforms.
  • Also share to social bookmarking sites and online communities. Tailor make your content for these audiences.
  • Add an e-mail list and use this to bring visitors back to your site.
  • Don’t monetize with PPC ads – sell a product or an affiliate product.

Keep on Blogging!

And there you have it! If you focus on these tips and then just put in the work, you’ll eventually find that you can build enough followers to start making a living from it.

Don’t get disheartened if this success doesn’t come at first – as we’ve said countless times you really need to invest the time if you want to make this your actual living. If you’re writing about something interesting though and you’re doing it well, you’ll find that you eventually find the fans and you actually don’t even need that many visitors to be relatively successful.

Worst case scenario, you make a few hundred extra dollars a month. Not something to turn your nose up at! If you’re truly passionate about your niche too, you should find that none of it ever feels like work.

And it will all be worth it in the end. Imagine being a rich internet celebrity who can travel the world making money from a blog… And imagine knowing that you achieved your freedom through your own hard work and effort! You can get there, you just need to stick with it.


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