The title of this posting contains a familiar phrase, especially if you are a so called ‘Facebooker’. It is all about suspicious friend request from a stranger. You do not know him or her but there you are, you have just got a new friend request!

First of all, some of us may be to obsessed of getting many followers or friends on social media. For many reason, perhaps later on you can sell your account for good money. It may applied on some platforms, but not on Facebook. Try it out if you dare! Technically, selling your profile would theoretically violate Facebook’s terms of service. Why? It would be a misrepresentation of the person using the profile and against the term of service.

Before I continue my sharing about Ms. X has updated his profile picture, let have a quick sharing on social media experience, especially on Instagram. If you are a newbie on Instagram, you would be exposed with being followed by unknow person. This situation is quite common especially if you set your profile as public. Random people can follow you if they are completely strangers because anyone could go in search option and type a random name. He or she may then give you a follow. You might be exited, especially if the followers has a huge follower on their profiles. That would tempt you to follow your unknown followers. Who care! If you can get many followers, that would be good also for your social media portfolio, right? Not really! Perhaps a good lesson for following unknown persons is that after a few days or months, you found out that you were still following them but they have already unfollow you! And you know what – their followers are growing while your followers are shrinking! That’s could explain certain funny tagline on people’s bio stating like this; “do not follow me if you want to unfollow me later!” LOL!

Let us come back to our original topic; Ms. X has updated his profile picture!

This status may happen by accidental screen touch or click on your Facebook profile. A couple of years ago, I had accidently change my profile picture with my spouse’s picture! It became a joke among friends. Luckily few friends alerted me. That allowed me to quickly revert my profile and deleted the timeline thread on my Facebook. I believe some of you may experience similar cases, i.e, you wanna update your new handsome or most beautiful girl in Malaya but end up posting your cat or dog as your profile!

Now it come to the tips; a simple check if your newly potential friend on Facebook is for real or fake! Check on the profile picture update! More often than not, many scammers out there tend to put up beautiful faces as their profile picture, but one thing that they tend to forget is that, they don’t change their gender! So, the next time you find out this, especially if he or she change his or her profile picture too often, you can easily sense that such friend requests are not for real. Well, perhaps it is just an accidental change like what had happen to me few years ago. But if your simple check found out that the profile picture change so many time from a male picture to female picture and vice versa – again and again – and yet the gender is still male or female consistently, you can be assure that you friend requests are just fake!

Well, the simple check tip may not work if the scammer is very good at changing profile smartly. The best option is perhaps for you to ignore and delete the request. You have nothing to loose. Even if the request is genuine, the one who requested should know how to get into your circle by sending private message in your Messenger. This would give you better position to deal with the unknown friend request.

That’s all for a simple tip of the day. Be careful in your social media engagement!


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