Monetizing your webinar is probably your primary reason for starting one. There is nothing wrong with that and many people make a good living organizing and presenting webinars. Imagine charging $100 for a webinar and getting 50 people to show up each and every week. You will make $5000 a week.

This is obviously motivating for those who are interested in webinars, but keep in mind, in order to get 50 paying customers a week, you really have to have amazing information and be considered an expert in your particular niche. Only the best webinar presenters are making this kind of money, and it is usually a returning audience (who are using the information presented to make money in return) that are able to pull in numbers like this.

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Of course, eBooks are quite a popular way to make money all by themselves. If you write an eBook on the topic that you are presenting and then publish it on Amazon, you will be able to make money by promoting it within your webinar. The reason that eBooks are listed separately here is that the revenue stream is a little different.

Consider this: If you price your eBook at $9.99 on Amazon, you make about $7 per sale. So, if you promoted it to a webinar of 100 attendees and 15 of them bought your book, you would make about $100. This seems like a very small amount until you consider the ramifications of those 15 sales. You will shoot up the bestseller lists on Amazon and get even more sales due to the new featured position of your ebook, and that circle can continue for a while – days, weeks or even months. Plus, if you ask your webinar participants who bought the book to review it, there is a good chance they will and a good rating will increase your sales even further.


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