As mentioned earlier, once the prospect has downloaded your free report on the problem or issue from your squeeze page, you need to follow up with him/her and build the relationship. A good sales funnel should include a series of about seven follow-up email messages, with the first one going out right after he/she has sent his contact information (or after he/she has confirmed that contact information by clicking on the confirmation link if you use double opt-in).

Set Up Your Autoresponder in Sales Funnel

The most convenient and easiest way to do this is to set up the email messages in your autoresponder; that way, when the prospect completes the form or clicks on the confirmation link in the email that is sent to him/her, the email messages will automatically be sent to him/her over a period of days depending on when you scheduled them to be sent.

In that first email message, you should thank him/her for requesting the free report, include a link to download that free report, mention that you will follow up with more relevant information and offers related to the problem/topic/industry, and provide your contact information so that he/she can get in touch with you if he/she has any questions related to the free report, the problem it touches upon, or anything else.

In subsequent follow-up emails, you should look to build up the relationship by providing more valuable information regarding the problem/issue brought up in the free email report, along with information regarding remedies or solutions to that issue.

You should also include a link to your main product offer’s sales page as a reference for them to consider checking out and purchasing to help them solve the problem or issue in a more comprehensive manner.

You should not hard-sell your main product offer in every follow-up email you send. On average, two out of the seven emails you send should be hard-sell, often the fourth email and seventh email you send. In these emails, you should discuss how your main product rectifies the problem or issue in a more comprehensive manner so that the problem or issue is resolved and the person doesn’t have to deal with it any more.

For instance, if the issue is getting enough quality traffic to one’s website, you can mention that your main product has many powerful, tested ways to get quality traffic to one’s site, so much so that the person will never wonder how to get qualified traffic to his/her website again. Only two of the seven emails at most should really hard-sell or aggressively promote your offer, as most people are not fond of aggressive selling tactics.

Aggressively selling too often can turn the prospect away from becoming a paid customer and can even lead to him/her unsubscribing from your list altogether, essentially ending the relationship and any chance of them becoming a paid customer in the future.

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