With everything you’ve learned so far you should now have what it takes to be a successful blogger, insofar as you know how to create a blog and then grow it to the point where it’s getting tons of traffic. But while this is highly rewarding, it’s not going to give you the freedom that you’re looking for. This will not be enough to enable you to quit your day job and to start lying in in the mornings/spending more time with your family/travelling.

To do that you’re going to also need to monetize your blog – in other words ensure that it’s bringing in cash.

So how do you do that? The answer might surprise you…

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affiliate program

Affiliate Marketing

Or if you’d rather not invest the time or money in creating products, another choice is to skip that part and instead sell someone else’s product. You can do this by becoming an affiliate marketer, meaning that you’re now selling a product for commission. If that sounds like a step-down from selling your own product, bear in mind it gives you a much wider selection of things to sell and that it means you can choose products that are already highly successful.

If you find an affiliate product through a site like ClickBank or JVZoo, you’ll be given an affiliate link to promote and every time someone clicks on that link and buys the product you’ll get around 40-60%. A great strategy then is to include product reviews as blog posts, or to have a list of ‘key resources’ for your readers that promote these items.

Another option is to choose Amazon’s affiliate scheme. This pays out a much smaller percentage but on the other hand, it gives you access to a gigantic selection and it lets you sell through a retailer that people already use and trust.

Look for widgets and plugins that will let you add your adverts in the sidebars and under the headers of your site. These key spots bring in more clicks and more money without being distracting or disruptive for your visitors.

You can use a plugin like Amazon Product in a Post Plugin to add formatted Amazon products to any page or posts.


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