Building your list is fun when you figure out all the ways you can do it. Having a variety of entry points is the best thing for your business. One way to build your list is to create a checklist to give away that helps them do something.

As a list builder, checklists are a great way to create something of value for your audience quickly and easily. Once you create a checklist, there are several ways you can market it to build your list.

In-Content Link

Anytime you have a checklist, it’s useful to mention it and link to it right within the content. For example, if you’re writing about doing that thing that needs a checklist, use the anchor text of your choice to link to the gated checklist content.

Advertising the Checklist

Once you create a checklist, you can advertise it to any people who have visited your website. Use remarketing technology via Facebook Ads to recommend the checklist to anyone who reads the text on your website.

As a PS (post script) in an Email Message

When you have checklists to give out, any time you mention the topic, you can mention the checklist as a reminder of the resources and information you offer your audience. Just tell them about the checklist and link to it.

Within a Chat

You can even recommend your checklists in chat right on your site or within social media. Using automated technology right through Facebook and AI, you can set up your messages to automatically send this information to the right audience members who use specific keywords.

As a Webinar Handout

If you are hosting or speaking at a webinar, this is a great time to recommend any of the checklists you’ve created for your audience. Just mention to the audience that if they need extra help, they can download the checklists for assistance.

As you can see, there are many ways to entice your audience to download the freebie checklist. Just add it to the content in a way that makes it natural to download the gated content for the audience member. Anytime the relevant topic is brought up is an opportunity to recommend your checklist.


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