Your audience likes to know what they need to buy to do what you do, or how to use your products and services successfully. Because of this, they want to know the resources you use and recommend that they use. That’s why a resource guide makes a perfect list builder or lead magnet.

Start on Your Website

Set up a page on your site with a resource list that consists of products you use to do your business, as well as products that you recommend your audience use to do whatever it is your niche is about.

Print to PDF

While the website version is going to be updated, as you can add to it every time you find a new product or service that you like or recommend, once the list is long enough to be a few pages, you can print it right off your site to PDF. If you cannot do that with your set-up, cut and paste it to a Word file instead. Then after you clean it up, turn that into a PDF file.

Clean It Up

After you have the file, you’ll want to clean up anything from the website that doesn’t belong, to make it look more like a report or eBook. Make sure all your links are clickable and work.

Make It Attractive

Add formatting to make the PDF look attractive to the person who downloads it, and add information to the file to help the reader understand what the products or services do for them.

The remarkable thing about a resource list is that you can also add your affiliate links to the document as well as to your website. Your entire audience can see the resources right on your site. But if they want them all in one package, they can download the PDF file, which links them right back to your website as well as to the resources, using your affiliate link.

This is a list builder that’ll make money directly when your audience clicks through and buys, but also since they’re on your list to start with.


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