A few years ago the process of building an e-Commerce store used to be complicated and expensive. It could set you back thousands of dollars to hire the qualified experts to code the necessary details so that your site can run smoothly. Today you can create your own e-commerce site for as little as $20 per month, and you can do this all by yourself without any overcomplicated technical skill.

Admittedly, once you have reached the decision to launch your own e-commerce site, the process can be rather daunting and confusing. Often there are a lot of decisions that you will need to make with regards to this and when you focus your efforts in the wrong areas there is a likelihood that you will spend a great deal of time in wasted efforts.

The good news for you is that you do not need to randomly guess on what the best approach for your business would be. Research from successful businesses as well as those that were not successful can be used to help you in launching an online store that will be successful.

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Perform Relentless Marketing

Often, people will tend to overlook the role of marketing in terms of building an e-Commerce business that is viable. Particularly in the early days, it demands a great deal of effort to ensure that your business is recognized and people are generally aware what it is that you do. For the initial six months of launching and e-Commerce site you are advised to follow this time schedule:

First Month: Launch a site that is basic

Second Month: Make the necessary improvements to your site

Third to Sixth Months: Perform intensive marketing like your business depends on itbecause let us face it, it does.

If you do the math, approximately two thirds of your time will be spent entirely on marketing. This is not to be confused with other aspects such as business streamlining, A/B testing, or coming up with a strategic vision. You should not spend time on improving your logo or design. Just simply spend time on relentless marketing. A great majority of new e-commerce sites are prone to failure because they simply underestimate the significance of marketing in the early stages and the impact is that the business fails to get the necessary traction to get on its feet. Do not make the same mistake as these individuals. At this point you may be thinking to yourself that maybe all this marketing is just hype and it would be more effective if you were to run a couple of advertisements. There is no denying that advertising is an excellent way to jumpstart your e-commerce business when it is starting and there are not many people outside your circle of friends that know about it. Also, it allows you to instantly direct traffic to your site thus allowing you to learn about your market as well as interact with the customers. However, the advertising models that are currently available especially the ones that demand that you pay per click such as AdWords are often a poor strategy of marketing in the long term.

The other relatively more effective methods of advertising such as PPC Google ads tend to be very expensive and might end up minimizing if not eliminating your profits entirely. For a beginner, you may need to consider pursuing SEO and other marketing endeavors that are more organic and will offer a relatively higher return on your investment, a healthy level of traffic that is sustainable and in the long run higher profits.


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