Once you have made a choice to become an affiliate marketer, there are tools and technology that will make your job easier. The technology that is available today include website building tools, email marketing tools, market research tools, and more.

Website Tools

To build a highly converting website, you need to choose the right type of domain name, hosting, website builder and landing page automation so that you can get more done with less work and worry. The following tools will help you get it all done.

Domain Name

One of the first things you need to do to get started with your affiliate marketing profits is to buy a domain name so that you can build a website that attracts your ideal audience. Choose a name that includes a keyword, that’s short and easy to remember, and that uses a dot com extension. An excellent choice for buying domains inexpensively is Namecheap.com. 

Website Hosting

The next thing you’re going to need after you buy your domain name is website hosting. You might want to check with the host before you buy your domain, as sometimes they offer a deal where you get the domain free by paying up front for hosting. A good website host offers at least 99 percent uptime, good customer service, and an easy to navigate website. A good choice, especially if you’re a newbie and don’t understand what you’re doing, is MomWebs.com. They have great customer care and service.

Website Builder

You also need to build or have a good affiliate website built. One of the best and most used choices for this is self-hosted WordPress. This builder is easy to use, inexpensive or even free, and what is most important is that it works great and search engines still love WordPress.

Landing Page Builder

Once you get everything done, you’re going to need some form of landing page builder. Now, you can do this for free using self-hosted WordPress just by making a new page, but it won’t have as much automation on it.

One thing that can help you earn more money is automation so that you don’t have to do everything manually. A good choice for automated landing page software is Instapage.com. If you use a robust system like Infusionsoft.com for your marketing, you already have it included. This type of software will automate your funnels in a way that will seem to turn your site into an ATM some days.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not something you can skip out on. It’s one of the most effective and valuable forms of marketing that exists today. Even social media marketing cannot match the power of email marketing. This means you’re going to need to both capture leads and send out emails automatically. One of the most popular choices today is AWeber.com although there is also a lot of love for ConvertKit.com and ActiveCampaign.com. These, along with your landing page builder, will automate so much.

Market Research

As an affiliate marketer, you’re going to have to do a lot of market research to ensure your efforts do not go wasted. If you don’t do the research, you’ll take a lot of action that is not going to produce results. Don’t make assumptions; do the research. You can research your competitors using software like iSpionage.com, and you can research trending topics using something like Google Trends.

Traffic Generation

Investing in tools to help with traffic generation is also a meaningful way to create a successful affiliate marketing business. After all, you need a lot of targeted traffic to get the results you wanted when you set your goals and objectives.

  • AdEspresso.com by Hootsuite – If you plan to run a lot of ads on social media, this app is something that is going to help you make it easier. You’ll be able to run ads that are beautiful and optimized in all the top social media platforms.
  • Facebook Ads – You can use Facebook directly to do retargeting and remarketing campaigns by using the Facebook pixel on your site. Then you run an ad that only former visitors see, which has been shown to increase traffic and sales.
  • RecurPost.com – This software, once set up, will grab your blog posts and push them out to the social media sites you recommend randomly and automatically.

Don’t forget to send an email out too. When you have a new blog post, go ahead and tell your email audience about it using your email marketing software’s automatic blog post sharing features. 

Tracking and Converting

The other tools you need to help you become a profitable affiliate marketer are tools that help you track the effectiveness of your efforts and convert your audience. Every website needs to install Google Analytics. It’s free and it works great. After all, Google is still the leading search engine. That means you need to follow their recommendations.

For link tracking, a good choice is PrettyLinks.com. You can set up your website so that any time you mention specific terms, the software automatically inserts an affiliate link in that term. That’s a great way to automate your recommendations and track clicks and conversions.

content marketing

Content Marketing

One of the ways you’re going to generate more traffic for your ideal target audience is to publish content that they’ll be interested in. In order to produce compelling content, you’ll need to do your research, ensure it’s understandable, and that it’s attractive. Not only that – you also want to ensure that you are posting content on a consistent and regular basis. These tools can help you accomplish that.

  • Research – When you want to do research, the most natural place to go is of course Google Search and Google Website Tools. That is where you should start. But there is also wonderful paid software that you can use even more effectively depending on what you are researching. A few tools you may want to try are social media platform searches, competitor searches, and their internal data by buying their products. 
  • Editing – When you publish anything, whether it’s a blog post or a product, you want to ensure that it’s readable to your audience. To accomplish that, first you need to know who the audience is and what terms they like using, then you need to be native in the language or hire someone who can help. You can also use tools like Grammarly.com to help you edit. However, the main issue is that if you don’t know what is right, the software can confuse you.
  • Graphics – At some point, you’ll want to create graphics to add more interest to blog posts, social media updates, to create eBooks and more. A good option for a non-graphic designer is to try Canva.com, although there is merit in hiring an experienced graphic designer to do that for you too.
  • Scheduling – There is a lot to do when it comes to marketing and scheduling, as well as planning what you are going to do to market your affiliate business. But software like CoSchedule.com can help; this is an entire marketing suite that has a marketing calendar, a content organizer, social organizer, and more all in one spot.

You may also need to hire someone to help you plan and create content for your affiliate business. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You can hire a content writer to help, and you can also use private label rights content to help you fill in the gaps in your content.

Using helpful technology that is made for marketers is a vital way to get ahead as an affiliate marketer. Always read the fine print for any technology you want to buy or use, because some of them expressly prohibit activities that include affiliate marketing. It’s always good practice to read the rules because it’ll also give you full insight on using each tool you buy. 

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