Now that we’ve looked at the importance of goal setting and how to do it, it’s time to get started. The only thing left to do is to act. Remember that action is essential with any goal to ensure it comes to fruition. Take control of your life and start setting goals.

Dream Big

If you could do, have, or be anything, what would it be? Don’t let others cloud your judgment if you have a passion to go after it. Ask yourself what activities give you the highest sense of purpose and feelings of wellbeing. Once you answer these questions, figure out how you can do more of those activities. Life is about doing and being what you love.

Make Changes

How have your thoughts and habits directed and affected the life you have right now? What do you need to do or change to get on the path to reaching your goals? Making changes in your life is healthy. It might be scary at first, but usually, a change is happening because it needs to happen. How can these changes help you reach your goals?

Make Sacrifices

What are you willing to give up so you can be successful in achieving those goals? Start giving those things up today. For example, if one of your goals is to graduate college with a 4.0 GPA, you are going to have to give up a lot of social time and activities to study.

Make sure your sacrifices are worth the reward that you are reaching for the end. No goal achieved is made without sacrifices. Giving up a little partying is beneficial in making good grades. But, giving up time with your child might be going too far. Be realistic and make sure each sacrifice you make is worthwhile.

Take Action

Get moving and doing on the actions you’ve set up in your calendar. What actions do you need to take now, immediately, to get started?

This has been stated before but needs to be repeated – a goal that you want to achieve, no matter what the goal is, requires action.

If you don’t act, you won’t be successful. Start now, not today, or Monday, or after your partner does something, or you lose weight, or you grow your hair out. Do it now. The only thing we have promised is today. Figure out what you can do or change right this minute to get you one step closer to your goals.

Good Luck!

Goal setting is a gratifying process but takes work and determination to be successful. Thankfully, with proper goal setting, you can practically automate your goals and achieve more than you ever thought before.

There are plenty of reasons to practice goal setting but out of all, the most rewarding is the feeling of control. When you set SMART goals using a process, you intentionally decide to take control of your life and to be aware of every single action it takes to get where you want to be.

Goal setting requires being conscious of your actions. To be successful, you must plan, keep track, and, most importantly, make sure the goals you are setting are loyal to you.


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