Using free trials as a way to grow your list will work for you if you have something to let people try that doesn’t cost you more money, as more people try it. Therefore, if you are a service provider that has to physically do the service for the customer, giving a free trial will not pay off for you in the same way as it will for other types of products and services.

However, if you sell software, have a membership website, digital products, or other business that does not cost you more to deliver value to more people, you can offer free trials to get more list members and grow your bottom line.

Free Trials Are Simple

You already have the product or service, so all you have to do is put in the technology that enables a person to use a free trial. That is often found in your shopping cart technology.

Free Trials Increase Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that customers who use a free trial before continuing service tend to be a lot happier and report more customer satisfaction than people who did not get a free trial before signing up? This is great for you because the more happy and satisfied customers you have, the more they’ll tell their friends.

Your Risk and Theirs Is Low

When you have the right type of product to promote as a free trial, you don’t have any risks involved with it and neither does your customer. The worst that can happen is you end up with a scammer who copies your files and tries to use them as their own. The thing is, this happens even if you only offer paid memberships.

Free Trials Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Getting customers is expensive, but when you use free trials as your list builder, you end up lowering your cost of getting a new customer. You can show them how well your solutions work without having to do the hard sell, and that is always a good thing.

If you already offer the right type of product or service that a free trial will work for, go ahead and implement the free trial system right now. Set up your shopping cart software and your sales page to enable a free trial, then run a retargeting advertisement to capture website visitors.


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