There are many different genres that you can get involved in as a freelance writer. It really does depend on your desires, your skillset, and whether you’re willing to do the work necessary in the genre. You also need to be able to produce the formats asked for by the client or that are needed for the system you use.

Magazine and Newspaper Writing

Every magazine and newspaper that you pick up need writers. You can look inside the magazine or newspaper to find the directions for how to get writing gigs for that publication. Follow the information correctly so that you don’t waste your time, because they won’t waste theirs by looking at incorrectly submitted information.

Journal Writing

Some journals take paid work as well, from medical journals to mechanical journals, and in every single trade and niche you can imagine. You can see a list of journals on the government website called ERIC. Each journal has information inside about how to write for them. The good thing is, if you do get hired, you’ll likely get hired more than once.

Self-Publishing Options

You can also sideline as a freelance writer writing for yourself and self-publishing your own work. You can self-publish easily today on sites like Amazon Kindle or even sell your writing right off your own website by setting up a shopping cart.

Fiction Writing Opportunities

If you want to write fiction as a freelancer, there are opportunities for this too. From writing screenplays to writing for stage plays to writing books, there are many opportunities for creative types who aren’t as concerned with having their name on the project as they are with having done the project.

Non-Fiction Writing Opportunities

From writing factual articles to writing how-to articles, non-fiction writing opportunities abound. Many of your favorite websites might hire freelance writers. Scroll down to the bottom and look at the menu to find out if they’re hiring writers.

Blog Writing and Article Writing

This is one of the most accessible genres to break into when it comes to freelance writing because it’s the most sought after. Bloggers don’t have time to keep their websites and blogs full of exciting content, so they outsource it. You can get started as a blog writer with clients on any of the freelance sites. You can also start your own blog to write on and earn advertising and affiliate dollars through your promotions.

Sales Pages and Copywriting

Every single website you go to needs copywriting on their sales pages, product descriptions, and offers. If you’re good at this type of persuasive writing, you can market yourself to anyone who needs this type of writing.

This type of writing is very different than most of the freelance writing you can do, but it’s also a specialized high-price service. Many sales page copywriters make thousands per sales page.

Landing Pages and Product Description Writing

You can niche down even further with the writing you want to do for others as a freelancer, by just doing landing pages and product description writing. Many landing pages aren’t full-on sales pages but still require copywriting skills – as do product descriptions. For example, you may want to create a different landing page for your clients, depending on where they saw your link.

SEO-Focused Writing

Search engine optimization is vital on social media platforms, as well as in blog posts, website pages, and more. If you learn all you can about search engine optimization, you can offer your services to clean up the writing someone else did to make it more SEO friendly. Or you can write the SEO-friendly content yourself. If you’re good at making titles, headers, and using keywords in a natural way, SEO writing can be very lucrative.

Ad Copy Writing

Writing ads is very different from writing a blog post or other types of writing. It requires exceptional skills. If you are skilled in writing this type of persuasive copy for ads, then this can be a very lucrative niche for you.

Outlining and Script Writing

Many people who are video starters, spokespeople, or podcast or radio personalities, need help with their scriptwriting as well as outlining the information they want to share with others.

Recipe Creation and Writing

Food bloggers, YouTube stars, cookbook authors, and more need people who create recipes – sometimes to their specifications, sometimes to your own. You’d write the recipe, test it out, and maybe even photograph it for the people who need them.

Case Studies and White Paper Writing

Writing case studies and white papers take a certain type of organizational and writing skill that is specific to this type of writing. You’ll collect the information and put it together for them in a way that tells the story they want to impart to their audience.

Technical Writing

This type of writing is used too, often internally in businesses and to teach someone something. You might write how to use specific software, how to onboard as a new client, or how to do anything that your client wants you to teach.

Newsletter, Email Marketing, and Brochure Writing

Businesses need newsletters, email marketing messages, and even brochures, today more than ever. If you understand how this type of marketing writing works, then this might be a niche that you can get into.

The career of freelance writing is wide open. If you start to look around, you’ll notice that writing is used in almost everything. You see it in the nightly news broadcast as the announcer reads the prompter; you see it whenever anyone gives a speech; it’s in the advertisements you view and the stories you read; and you see it each night when you ready your child a bedtime story. Writing is all around you. Because of this, it’s a lucrative career to start.


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