Before you can build your affiliate website, it is important that you research the affiliate programs available. Most of the programs will have a directory you can view by subject to look at all the products that are available. There are many affiliate networks available. Here are a few of them:

ClickBank is one of the best retail marketplaces for selling digital products like eBooks or software. There you will find thousands of ebooks in many different categories like: Computers/Internet, Software’s & Services, Arts & Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Business/Investing, Games, Cooking/Foods, Parenting, and Politics, etc. A large number of these books are written in a “how to” method. They tell you how to do something or fix a particular problem.

Since there is no manufacturing cost per item for software and eBooks, the commissions can be high. You can expect commissions from 50-70% on these products. There are two ways you can make money on ClickBank.

  1. Create your own products and then sell them. You have to create a vendor account so you can list your product. You determine the price of your product and list how much you’ll pay an affiliate to sell it. If you have a good product, you may get many affiliates who want to sell it. You don’t have to worry about all those accounts. ClickBank automatically credits the right amount into particular affiliate account. It then credits your account with the rest
  2. Work as an affiliate to promote products. You may not be able to or have time to write dynamic eBooks. You may also not have the resources you need to manage everything. By promoting products already listed in its marketplace, you can still make money, and you don’t have to do the work.

When you visit ClickBank, you’ll find some statistics in their listings on affiliate programs. Here are a few of the terms you will see on the site and what they mean:

• Initial $/sale—This is the amount you earn per sale
• Avg %/sale—This lets you know the percentage of the sale price you will receive.
• Avg Rebill Total—The amount you might expect in addition to the initial sale if the product has recurring billing such as monthly membership fees.
• Avg %/Rebill—You will only see this amount if that individual vendor offers products that have recurring billing. It allows you to see the average commission rate to be earned for that amount of income.
• Grav—This lets you know how “hot” the product currently is. If the gravity is high, it means there a number of affiliates are doing well selling that product. If it shows low gravity, the number of affiliates selling this is less. Generally, you should select products which have a fairly good amount of activity by affiliates.

If you want to sign up for ClickBank, it’s a pretty simple process. You just need to click the link that says “Sign Up.” You’ll find it on the page near the top. Just insert the requested details and click “Submit.” It will give you instructions to follow next. When you’re signed up and have your own ClickBank ID, you’ll be able to find any product you want to promote that is on the network.

Look at the products. When you find one you want to promote, simply click the link to “Promote.” They’ll ask for your ID. Once you give it, your HopLink, which is your affiliate link, will be created by the site. When you’re browsing products you’ll see a link to “Promote.” Without this link, you won’t get credit for your visitors that purchase the products.

Commission Junction Marketplace

This network provides extensive reach for advertisers. It also offers high rewards for publishers. It gives publishers and advertisers who join a way to access information, analyze results, and manage their programs for success. Here’s how it works for each:

  1. Advertisers—You can use the reporting tools on CJ Marketplace in many ways such as: Creating a call to action, defining program terms, publisher applications reviewing, and program performance analyzing. They also have an online resource, CJU Online that is a way to learn strategies, connect with publishers, and learn the latest news for the industry.
  2. Publishers—You can apply to join programs and have access to all the inventory of links. Then you can start placing offers on your site, putting them in e-mail campaigns, or in listing them in search listings.

There are also other ways to find affiliate programs that operate outside affiliate networks. These won’t be in the directories. Finding out about them can be a little more difficult. You can always email the merchant directly if you hear of one and ask them for details.

Sometimes you may see a program that says “Invite Only.” These sites usually restrict entry either by only admitting people who have purchased their product, or by reviewing and approving people on a case-by-case basis.

Note: I will continue updating this series in the next couple of days. If you need a good mentoring about affiliate marketing, click the following banner to join among the best affiliate community in the world that would help you to kick start your affiliate business. Good Luck!


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