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The most important element of the entire process is choosing the right drop shipper, and it can be incredibly difficult. You may have to contact dozens of companies to find just the right one.

Worldwide Brands is one of the largest directories of drop shippers and wholesalers, but it’s a bit pricey. They do some preliminary quality checks before including sources, though, so they can be worth it. Click here is a good list of potential drop shipping sources if you’re looking for specific types of products and don’t want to pay for access to Worldwide Brands. However, if you’re using Shopify and Oberlo, you’ll be using a very inexpensive drop shipper called AliExpress.

AliExpress came from the Alibaba site, which has been the largest site for finding drop shippers and wholesalers for a long time. AliExpress is great for drop shippers, because there are no minimum orders, products are usually priced at or near wholesale prices, and you don’t have to provide a bunch of documents like tax IDs or business licenses as you do with many traditional drop shippers and wholesale companies.

One thing to keep in mind is that most products from AliExpress will be shipped from China, so it may take several weeks for customers to receive their orders. If you use them, be sure you let customers know how long shipping is likely to take before they order. Make it very, very clear.

But there is one big benefit to using AliExpress, and that is that you can choose products that have free shipping, which means you won’t have to charge shipping to your buyers. This will help soften the blow.


Running an online shop the traditional way can be frustrating and expensive, but drop shipping can make the process a lot easier and a lot cheaper. You can make the process even easier by using Shopify and Oberlo, which will help you import products, manage stock, handle shipping, and more.

You’ve learned some ways to deal with some of the most common problems you might encounter with drop shipping, such as products being out of stock, or customers who need to make returns.

You may still have the occasional issue, but most people find they have a lot fewer hassles when using drop shipping, because they don’t have to deal with inventory and shipping themselves.

I hope you decide to give drop shipping a try, and I hope you find that it works well for you and makes you a lot of money. I wish you the best of luck!


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