“Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think.”

Neils Bohr

Communication is one of the essential aspects in human life. However, sometimes it is also one of the hardest ones to cope with. This is especially true when what you want to communicate is yourself. Expressing yourself to someone is never an easy task. So, how will you be able to express yourself efficiently? This is what you will uncover in this chapter.

Efficient Expressing Of Oneself Leads to the Betterment

How often are the instances when you have said something which did not come out just the way you liked it to be? Are there instances when you have said something which you really did not mean, yet you are just so frustrated to avoid it from being uttered?

What’s more, there are even other people who have a complete fear of having their selves expressed to others. They are afraid of saying something which may affect their friendship, or they just cover up everything at the only thought of having their real emotions shared. For some people, this can be an incessant struggle. On the other hand, this can be something which could be tackled once done right.

Just about every creature on this planet communicates in a certain manner. The more complicated the type of communication is, the more complicated a relationship will also be. Human speech is considered as the most complex kind of communication in this world. People have a number of ways to be able to express their feelings, suggestions, ideas, intents, rage, desire, dreams, thought, love and the like.

Words hold the ability to provide life and death, particularly in relationships. Hence, it becomes very important that you learn how to rightly express yourself. You should learn how to address your ideas, thoughts, ambitions, emotions, hopes and dreams to the ones who you share your relationship with. Being unable to accomplish this might eventually damage the relationship.

How to Express Yourself Efficiently

  • Perform Lots Of Reading

Reading should help you discover the best ways people are able to express themselves. Play close attention to diction, word usage, tone, voice and flow. A wise man said, “Not every reader is a leader, but every leader is a reader”.

  • Perform Your Own Writing

Perform a range of writing. You even start a novel or write different letters. Maintain a dairy or journal. Writing should help you in organizing your thoughts. It will provide you direction and focus.

  • Do Not Fear The Judgment Of Others

It is not a disease. Social anxiety cannot be obtained from a person who holds it. It is recognized as a spiritual emotional state which is a direct outcome of fear. Asking for the help of others is never a bad idea. There is truly only a single kind of fear and it is the fear of the unknown. Never fear of what others may think of you. Frankly, your imagination would form far worse scenes as compared to what most of them would ever think.

Sometimes, it is only you who make the worse in you. Never over think, just go with the flow and express yourself freely.


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