Creating a video not only takes work, but it also requires a few things before you can get started. Unfortunately, this is not a hobby or career that can take off without setting a budget and buying equipment first.

The following are a few essentials you need to get started:


You can’t get started if you don’t have anything to record with. There are so many options to choose from: DSLR, camcorder, webcam, or even your smartphone.

  • Camcorder An affordable and lightweight option, camcorders are designed to record long-length videos.
  • DSLR – Best option if you want to create high-quality videos. They are higher in price but come with more capabilities that professional video makers enjoy.
  • Webcam Best option for live streaming because it is the most affordable option, and all you do is plug the USB in and go. It can also be used to record videos. It is the perfect option if all you need is one camera angle. However, if you are making cooking videos, it’s probably better to use a camcorder or DSLR.
  • Smartphone – While having a camera and computer is the best way to develop videos, believe it or not, you can do without them. A lot of people use their smartphones for everything, and video production and editing are no exception.

There are many people today who run their business, YouTube pages, and other social media platforms only from their smartphones – iPhone or Samsung Galaxy being the most popular as they are said to have the best cameras. Quik App by GoPro, Adobe Premiere Clip, and InShot App are a few popular editing applications.

Computer or Laptop

The computer or laptop needs to be capable of downloading videos and running editing software. The editing software you pick will have guidelines, so if you already know the type of software you want to use, use the information to help guide your computer or laptop purchase. Otherwise, buy the best machine that you can find. Consider buying more than one monitor or a big monitor to make editing easier.

The other equipment you’ll need in addition to a proper editing computer or laptop include:

Encoding Software

Encoding software or broadcasting software is what captures visual and audio data. It then converts it into a digital format that can then be streamed or recorded live over the internet on platforms such as YouTube or It is one of the most essential tools to live streaming content.

One of the most popular encoding software is called Streamlabs OBS. It is free and offers templates and integrations for creators to grow and interact with their audience. It can be used with Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

External Microphone

Crystal clear audio is crucial for both pre-recorded and live content. It is best to purchase an external microphone because they provide better quality sound. External microphones can be adjusted and will eliminate ambient sounds. Yeti USB professional microphone is by far one of the most popular choices for streaming and pre-recording videos.

Green Screen

A green screen may not be as essential depending on the type of videos you make; however, it is an excellent idea for those thinking of live streaming their content. It allows you to easily create a clean space in your home, while also being creative with visuals. Green screens allow you to overlay any background image you want.

Professional Lighting

Along with good audio, you also want to have bright lighting – especially if you are creating videos around food. Natural light from the outdoors is best, but if you can’t film in perfect weather every day, then opt for a professional set-up. Softboxes are ideal for creating natural lighting without harsh shadows.

High-Speed Internet

You can’t expect a live streaming video to be successful without high-speed internet. It is also a great idea to make sure you are hard wired or use an ethernet cable to ensure there are no breaks in your connection. You also need to be able to connect to platforms such as YouTube or Twitch to download and upload your video content.

Having the fastest and most reliable internet ensures that your content is uploaded with no problems.

Video Editing Software

After the video is recorded, it needs to be edited with video editing software. This is how content creators develop professional videos by cutting and rearranging scenes, adding music, animations, and much more. You may want to try, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or Final Cut Pro X or any of the other options available. You may even have something that works on your computer already.


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