While any video you make should be unique and have quality content, there are some tried-and-true things that all videos should contain.


Always include a hook within the first 10 to 20 seconds of your video. A hook is kind of like a thesis statement to a research paper, but right up front. It is a few sentences that brings in viewers and makes them want to keep watching.

Graphic Intro

After you hook in your audience, include an intro that has your channel name, logo, and title of the video. Most people just use this to add their logo and catchphrase. Make sure it is short rather than too long. You don’t want your viewers to forget why they clicked in the first place.

Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Make thumbnails that show your viewers what they will get from it. If you are teaching a recipe, show a beautiful, mouthwatering image of the dish and add text to describe what you are making. Make it hard for people to keep scrolling.

SEO-Friendly Title

Make sure your title is search engine optimized, meaning it has proper keywords for what the video is about. You don’t want to confuse viewers or have them guessing about what they are going to be watching. More than likely, they won’t click the video if they can’t tell from the title what they are going to watch.

Ask Viewers to Share, Comment, Like and Subscribe

Always ask your viewers to share, like, comment, or subscribe at some point in the video. It is just a friendly reminder so your audience knows how to help you back. This will allow you to grow your audience faster.

Call to Action

Asking your viewers to share or subscribe is also a call to action, but it’s always essential to include a separate, more personal call to action that is only about your audience and encompasses the entire point of producing the video.

For example, ask a question that is related to your video. Maybe you are doing a cooking video, and you want to know what your audience’s favorite food. Viewers love it when content creators are personal and friendly, especially if you tell them in a future video that you’re using their ideas.

Adding a call to action like this shows your viewers you care about them and want to learn more about them – not just have them watching your content. However, the point is to get them on your list and to cross-promote everything you’re doing too.  

Consistent Audio and Music

If people can’t hear your voice clearly or you pick music that is too fast, or that strikes the wrong tone for the type of video that you create, it may cause the audience to leave and not want to stay to watch the full video.

Ensure that as you are filming, your audio is consistent and nothing is making it sound bad. Turn off fans and invest in a high-quality mic. Make sure the music you pick goes with your content and is not copyrighted.

Great Lighting

Videos are all about the visual and what the audience is seeing. Make sure it is clear and balanced. If the video is too shaky and fuzzy, likely people will click off because they can’t tell what you are trying to show them. Invest in a good camera and take your time learning all the proper settings. Purchase suitable lights for indoors and take advantage of outside and natural lighting. Don’t assume a ring light is right for you. Research lighting to find out what will work for your needs.

After you create your videos, use this as a checklist to be sure you have all the tried-and-true ways to make a successful video. Don’t forget to include your own style or tone. You don’t want to look like you are coping your competition. Instead, you want to do them one better.


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