Another type of marketing video involves software that takes your audio, pictures and video clips, and turns them into a slideshow and exports them into popular formats like MP4. They do this in a very automated way.

Basically, you just load the audio track first and then the pictures and then you move things around. After a few minutes, and you’re happy with the result, you export to MP4.


This type of software can be batch processed. You can repeat it many times over. You can keep using the same audio, but play around with the different pictures and video snippets, or you can use the same pictures but play around with different audio. The problem is the more you repeat, the lower the quality.

Another advantage of this type of marketing video is that it’s a faster way of creating videos than custom-shot footage.

Finally, you can easily enhance the quality of these videos by hiring professional voiceover artists from places like Fiverr or buying high-quality video snippets.


While you can crank these out on a fully automated basis, if you want to build a solid brand with your videos, you better do it manually. There are really no two ways about it.

Also, if you’re lazy, it’s very tempting to just crank out videos on an automated basis. Basically, it rewards laziness with lots of low-quality videos. If the name of your game is just simply quantity over quality, this video can help you.

One of the bigger disadvantages of this package is the fact that you’re recycling the same pictures over and over. While you can technically switch pictures, if you’re lazy, you probably wouldn’t want to do that. Instead, you just recycle the same pictures with a different voiceover over and over again.

Now, if you were to step in and try to do this manually, it can burn a lot of time.

It also takes a lot of labor.

Also, there are many packages out there. Many have different learning curves. Some are very intuitive. Basically, it’s just lining up the right picture with the right part of the audio. It’s very easy to edit.

Others, you have to play around with the time stamp, and it can get quite confusing.

Solutions or workarounds

If you’re going to be using this type of video, I suggest that you use them for supplemental purposes only. You should also look for royalty-free video clips. There are quite a number of them available online.

I would suggest that if you are serious about branding, you need to hire a voiceover artist.

The good news is Fiverr offers a wide range of voice over artists who can speak for different lengths of time depending on voice quality. So, of course, the higher quality, the more you should pay.


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