Overcoming Procrastination (1)

Procrastination has been a way of to fight competing priorities, fear of failure, high stress and perfectionist attitude. However, delaying or postponing task up to the last minute possible can attract problems and affect the quality of work. This habit can also engender resentment, guilt and stress and can lead to longer hours of work and missed valuable opportunities. If procrastination starts to sabotage your productivity, think of ways on how to combat this completely.

In common scenarios, individuals are face with deadlines but instead of doing their works, they occupy themselves checking social media accounts and emails, surfing forums and blogs and watching videos.

You must be working but you do not have the feeling and motivation to do anything. These are scenarios when individuals squander away their free time and set aside important tasks that they should be doing until it is too late. In when individuals realize that it is already late, they begin to panic and freak out. They start to wish that they should have started earlier. Procrastination is really a bad habit that stops individuals from getting better results in life.

Creating a timeline is just one of the many positive approaches that helps combat procrastination. If you do not really want this habit rule your life, you need to consider this way. You need to create your schedule of tasks or timeline.

In such way, you are allocating sufficient time to every activity making it more possible for you to meet all your deadlines. When creating your schedule or timeline, you can use a spreadsheet, diary or to do list. Choose the tool that perfectly works for you.

When there are scheduled deadlines, you are motivated to work harder and assess your situation. You are also able to figure out how long will particular tasks and project will take you. Make your timeline as your boss and as much as possible do not procrastinate or else you will regret it until the end. Another important thing you have to keep in mind that you need to finish something at the end of every scheduled period.

Deadlines can be sources of frustration especially if you stick with the habit of procrastination. This is usually the factor that stops you from getting desired results.

Just always remember that creating a timeline and schedule of tasks are great ways to overcome procrastination and frustration as well. If you keep up with your works, duties and responsibilities and do not procrastinate, you will be able to meet set deadlines and live a happy and productive life.


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