Your audience wants a shortcut. That’s the fact of life that almost everyone can relate to. Most audiences want to do things in a way that lets them skip over all the mistakes, and thankfully you have that to offer them by creating cheat sheets that you’ve created for yourself.

What Is a Cheat Sheet?

A cheat sheet is essentially a reference guide to something.

For example, you can have a cheat sheet with keyboard shortcuts for a game, a cheat sheet with formulas for math problems, a cheat sheet with common baking ingredient substitutions, a cheat sheet of the top movers and shakers in your niche, the ultimate landing page cheat sheet, and so forth… Are all great ideas for cheat sheets.

You can create a cheat sheet using Word or any content editor. You can also use this online software such as Don’t get too carried away with how to make the cheat sheet, though, because you can do it in MS Word just as well as you can using software like

Make the Cheat Sheet Easy

The main thing is that the cheat sheet should be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to implement at a glance. Use columns, color codes, and visuals to guide the reader to a fast understanding of the information. You can even look up cheat sheets online to find some examples to use.

Make the Cheat Sheet Valuable

Whatever your niche is, you can create a cheat sheet for each of the tasks the audience needs to do. Whether it’s a house cleaning cheat sheet or a marketing cheat sheet, the main thing is to ensure it’s something your ideal customer wants to know and needs to know, and that you can compile it on one page in a way that is understandable and implementable at a glance.

Your cheat sheet should be simple to use and fully understandable to your ideal customer. It can be as simple as a list of definitions of acronyms for your niche, and your audience will find it immensely useable and valuable. Just don’t overthink it. Get something up there and try it out to see what your customers are interested in.  


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