It is said that “no man is an island.” This saying is true because man is by nature a social being, and as a social being, whether a person likes it or not, one has to relate with other people in his surroundings. In the same way, if one is to undertake a radical change which has great implications on one’s present life, one needs the support of other people to ease out the risks concomitant with change.

There are other people who also want to change and their encouragement can play a pivotal role in your successful transformation. By realizing this, you will be inspired to overcome any hurdle along the way towards a meaningful change. The presence and the enthusiasm of people around you can rub off on you, giving you the extra kick to achieve change.

Get A Support Group

People are searching for inspiration and they try to find it among the fictional heroes of movies. Yet, if we have a support group which could back us up and accept us whether we fail or succeed, we become confident and secured to take the risk of change. So if you are really intent on making a radical change in your life, you need to solicit a great deal of support from people who really care for you.

The prospect of change elicits fear within us. The thought of giving up something and taking risks to get out of our comfort zone is tantamount to giving up some of our present controls over the situation. We usually have our own routines and have established our own ways of dealing with things, and if we opt for change, we deviate from these established routines and risk losing control of the situation.

Even at work, many would rather not risk taking the challenge of promotion, and would rather stay in their present position because they have already mastered the “ins” and “outs” of their present position. The thought of taking a promotion and losing control can be so debilitating to them that they would rather shun away from promotions in favor of maintaining the control they have in the status quo. Yet, if there are people who encourage us and allay our fears, we would surely take the risk and be willing to abandon the status quo and venture into the unknown.

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