Entrepreneurship is a way for many people to successfully build something that will take care of them and their family for generations. However, it’s also fraught with barriers to entry, obstacles, and challenges that can become roadblocks to success. Let’s go over this so that you know exactly what to look for.

Finding Start-Up Capital

Starting a business can be expensive and even when it isn’t, it can be hard to come up with the money to get started. However, there are ways to get money. There are banks, but even PayPal offers loans to business owners without even checking their credit.

Cashflow Management

Once you start earning money, often it’s not going to be the same amount every month like a job. It’s going to sometimes be a lot and sometimes be nothing. Due to this, you need to learn how to manage your cash flow in a way that considers slow times and booming times.

Hiring Employees

You’ll need to ensure you know the laws if you are going to hire people. This is a lot of information to learn so you may want to make your first hire someone with the right knowledge to help set it all up.

Using Freelancers and Contractors

Sometimes you may want to outsource work to someone but not hire them as an employee. You can work with freelancers and contractors who often own their own business. You’ll give up some control over the work, but you tell them what you expect in the deliverables.

Time Management

Twenty-four hours. That’s all you get. That’s all anyone gets. Sometimes, it can seem as if the world expects entrepreneurs to have more. Learn all about scheduling the work that you need to do and how to avoid bottlenecks to do better with time management. Also, stop multitasking.

Delegating and Letting Go

One thing that can really block an entrepreneur is their inability to let go and let someone else do the work. As an entrepreneur who is building something bigger than themselves, letting other people do the work they’re an expert at doing without your micromanaging will be a major source of success in your life as an entrepreneur.

Understanding Technology

Depending on your niche and industry, there is going to be the technology that you may want to learn. However, you may need to let someone else do it instead. Having said that, do seek a basic understanding of tech that you choose to use.


When it comes to business, you should “always be marketing.” This is according to the experts and according to successful people. There are many forms of marketing to learn about, including online marketing, offline marketing, and everything in between. Content marketing is one of the most important types of marketing today.

The Things You Don’t Know

Everyone has things they don’t know, but the problem is that we also have things we don’t realize that we don’t know. There will be concepts that you’ve never even considered and that you don’t know about. That’s why you should always listen to your audience, your customers, and your competition.

The Tax Man

One issue many entrepreneurs face eventually is the problem with paying taxes. Often small business owners just put this aspect of their business out of their minds. But, it won’t be okay. You need to defer to a professional to set this up right and avoid losing your entire business due to owing too many taxes.


This is probably one of the biggest obstacles you’re going to face as an entrepreneur. So many people that you know and love are going to act as naysayers when you say you want to start a business. It’s likely going to cause you to be afraid, but you must stand strong in your knowledge and the research you do and keep on going.

Finally, one of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurial success is you. Do the steps it takes to find the right business to start for you. Then make a commitment to stick to it based on the data you generate. If you do your due diligence first, you will not be as likely to fall victim to these obstacles.


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